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Prostate issue young age

Hello my names Brandon,

I'm 24 and I've been suffering from what was diagnosed as prostatitis about a year ago. It all started after I got in a dramatically bad car accident where the car filled 4-5 times did several complete rolls. Later that day I began to Experiance difficulty urinating went to a walk in clinic where the doc gave me flomax and doxicyclin 100mg for 10 days. In the beginning this seemed to almost cure the problem I had 3week wait to see a urologist and by the time I seen the uro the symptoms had started back. After that I was prescribed Bactrim ds and flomax for 6 months and told to return. This treatment seemed to slowly help for a long time until the past few months where the symptoms have began to get worse. I Experiance frequent urination about 12x a day I urinate once a night on occasion not every night. I don't have pain during sex but seldom have  a weakend errection. In the beginning I had fever, vomiting, Naseau. And have began to Experiance this again recently at varying degrees. It seldom burns when I pee but my stream is weak on and off and it dribbles. I have extreme back pain on days others none and I feel great. All my symptoms vary some days are okay while others are terrible the strength of my stream varys my pain varys and just about all other symptoms sometimes it bother me sometimes it doesn't. Diet-stress- an my anxiety all seem to play a role when Im stressed or have anxeity the symptoms are worse lately ive been under a lot of stress. If there is anyone who can give me any I mean any advice or help with my problem I would be deaply grateful the problem has began to effect my work I'm a waiter and I Experiance dramatic back pain while standing. Although I've Experianced back pain in past before the condition this has been the worse. I also have a problem urinating in public not all the time but this has effected me since I was a child it's not public bathrooms in genral but only when people are in the room sometime urology scares me and this has been very difficult Experiance so any help is greatly appreciated.
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