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Prostatitis From Trich?

Hello. I just recently got diagnosed with prostatitis and trichmoniasis, but am skeptical about the prostatitis part and wanted another opinion before starting treatment. I'm currently living in a developing country and don't have a doctor that I can really trust, and some of the suggested treatment for the condition seems a bit excessive.

Around August 10th, I had unprotected sex. around 3 days later, I developed symptoms of an STI like gonorrhea, and treated myself with 2grams of azitromycin and 2mg metronidanzole in one dose. All of my symptoms and discharge subsided

After telling the girl, she got tested via PCR 3 times and was (apparently) clear of diseases. I only saw the last (3rd) test, which only had a positive culture for g vaginalis, which she was treated with dalatsin gel. Originally, I was suspicious of a trich infection because I noticed a strong smell after sex.

Approximately two weeks later, I had protected sex with her on two separate occasions. I few days later, I started to develop similar symptoms again. I had a swab test done for t-vaginalis, chylmadia, gonorhea, candida, t-pallidum, and everything came back negative. A seperate urine test detected elevated levels of white blood cells. Doctor prescribed 7 days doxycillin and 7 days metronidanzole 500mg 2x day. By the end of treatment, I still had occasional very small amounts of clear discharge if I milked the urethra after long periods without urination.

After seeing a clear test from the girl, we had protected sex Saturday night, and then UNPROTECTED sex Sunday morning. On Monday morning, I had the beginnings of symptoms again. When visiting a urologist, he collected a small sample of discharge that tested positive for trich after a prostate message.

I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis as well because during the message, I was not able to void much/any prostatic fluid, and because of the nature of recurring symptoms after treatment. However, in past attempts to milk the prostate, I have never been able to produce fluid, nor have I ever had precum. Beyond some irritation at the tip of my urethra, I have no other pain or discomfort in my pelvic region, or any other classic symptoms of prostatitis. I don't have any issues or pain with erection and/or orgasm, and I'm an otherwise healthy 28 year old male in good shape that exercises regularly. There may be some post void dribbling after urination, but I'm not sure.

Above all else, the reason I'm reaching out if for suggestions for treatment. I'm currently awaiting results of a PCR of a semen sample after the message because I wasn't able to void prostate fluid. However, the treatment the doctor recommended was along the lines of physical therapy including 10-20 days of prostate messages, as well as injections directly to the prostate, followed by a few months of oral antibiotics. This all seems a bit intense to me.

Assuming the PCR does not return any further infections, what would be the recommended treatment? Can metronidanzole effectively enter the prosate? Even though trich is not treated with cipro, should I still take a 4-6 week course of cipro for treatment of prostatitis? Thank you for any help.
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As a follow up to this, my PCR test came back negative for Trich, but positive for Mycoplasma genitalium. confused to say the least, trying to figure out what is causing what. Mycoplasma in the prostate seems like it may be difficult to treat, and I'm worried other antibiotics used in the past may have led to resistance on top of that. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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