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Quite a discomfort and slight pain from kidneys to groin and right side inner thigh.

(22) I had some mild problems before; 5/6 years ago, when i for some (stupid reason) slept with tight underwear after shower, that were also wet and was quite cold that night so when i woke up everything was hurting for good week or two wasnt even able to stand up properly nor to straighten my back up; that thing passed by and since, from time to time i would have mild problems, pains and discomfort all around that would go away with more care from my side. I should also mention that it isnt unreal for me to have wet underwear, because when i pee, i would always, and i mean always wash myself after peeing sometimes i dont get all the water and my stay around with wet underwear, now i pay attention since last time i had cold like problems from it, but still happens sometimes when i wake up to pee or something else that do in the hurry.

But now i would say it started week or so ago, it started as small discomfort in right groin area and inner thigh with some stiffness in right kidney; it happens to everyone and goes away, im sitting quite a lot so must have been the nerves or muscles i thought, than it started hurting in lower abdomen not much but enough to make me worry, bladder rather, again around right side, pain would be best described as pulling pubic hair nothing huge but annoying, at one specific place in the middle of the right side where hip bone would meet sacroiliac bone right above penis not more than 1.5cm maybe. Now since im always examining myself like i know something about medicine, i tried to see if everything works properly. So i masturbated and after i was done that right pain transferred to same point but now also to right end of penis that pain lasted for 5/10 minutes and goes away, after that i had only discomfort and i was quite sensitive on touch all around probably because it hurt before and slight burning sensation on tip of head. I tried same thing again after two days to see if it got away, same thing but now there was pain in my whole groin especialy when i touched my right testical or around it, it was like bruising it when you sleep in some awkward position or crossing legs and smashing testicales at the same time, on touch it hurt and transfered that pain all around right side especialy groin muscles, pain and weird feeling was gone after 10 minutes.

Now i decided to examine everything myself and see if i have some abnormalities, my bladder nor that specific pain point have no lumps nor something else of that kind all smooth and not painful on touch. I did so on my testicals and i discovered that i can feel something that i never touched before, i tried to understand what it is and it seems that its epididymis on left testical and on right one i cant really find it that easily so that made me worry, i can touch that slightly below my penis right on top of the testical i would say and its not that bug nor is it painfull nothing it feels normal to me, i've tried to find it on right one but im haveing problems doing so; sometimes i can find it (when discovered it on left one i did so on right one at the same time) and sometimes i cant when i was sitting i was able to feel something around same place. I also noticed few years ago that my penis is rotated to the right, so my head is pointing right side its 90degr perfect horizontal position, and my right testical is also sometimes horizontal or above the left one like diagonally above and is also higher than the the left one. Both are smooth, not painful on touch, but that thing that i hopefully think is epididymis not even that hurts or feels weird to touch. Got me worried really since i discovered so much right when im in pain and discomfort, i've also shaved to examine it better all seems fine. But still i urinate a lot (not as much now as i did few days ago) especialy when i get to bed i have to stand up 3/4 times before i get to sleep and when i do, my pelvis hurts and kidneys like im sleeping on concrete, that hair pulling pain is present, but i think that it goes away slowly while it trasfers to the left side at same place that pain also goes all the way down to knee almost. It also ,,burns,, (slight iritation when i pee; so overall my pain is mostly concentrated around kidneys and hair pulling pain around my bladder, hip bones and groin area and muscles.

Worth mentioning that i also have hemorrhoids that im scared to remove, sometimes when i have to go to toilet or release a gas i would feel pressure or sometimes even pain around bladder and lower abdomen until i do so, i sit a lot, walk with no socks even in winter sometimes sleeping fully naked nothing new to wake up and be dead cold or go to bed after shower (almost every day wince i was little kid), when i rotate or move around kidneys kinda hurt not much, but enough to make me worry, area below testicals between legs also has that stiffness to it and discomfort and makes me spread my legs a lot to make it move a little its not painfull, but everything around has that discomfort and sensitivity. I can maintain erection and is fast, i pee normal urine after which it might burn for few minutes, i eat normally and sleep as always, i can walk with ease. So i was wondering and sorry if it was too detailed and long what could it be and should i really worry.

Thanks for your time.

PS: Also not circumcised again cause im scared to do so, i should be cause i cant pull skin back and retract it always, when im erect i cant even get it all the way down if i do my testicals sometimes would hurt from all the pulling and tightness it has to endure.
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Wow, okay, so that's a lot of things.

First, I think you need to see a doctor and get a really thorough exam. Show them this post, and show them everything you experience, and they can tell you what is normal, what isn't, and check out what isn't.

I think you should definitely talk about your foreskin. There are things that can treat that before you need surgery.

Don't sit around in wet underwear. You are asking for a fungal infection.

You may have nothing wrong. You may have a hernia, or something else.

You need to let a doctor sort it all out. Please do that and put your mind at ease.
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I went to the doc for ultra sound and standard exam, well everything is okey; the thing that is causeing all this is actually my back and some sand in my kidneys. Thank you for the answer.
The back -- problems with it can give you pains all over (especially the legs). Try some back exercises, look it up online and you'll find a lot of them. Look for the kind of exercises specifically designed to strengthen the long muscles that parallel your spine and help you stand up straight.
9th of september i have an apointment with orthopedist to check my back and hips, One of my sides is tilden to the right and one leg is ,,longer,, well because my right shoulder is going backwards and is slightly lower, quite painful. But i've never thought that back problems can cause such strong pains in testicals, especialy in groin area and kidneys. I just hope that some corset and exercise can fix it without some crazy procedures. Thanks again, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have gone to doc.
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