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Raised bumps on penis with tiny white blisters


Hi All,

Had unprotected sex with a girl 6 months ago and since then i have the following symptoms: intense itching in morning, burning during urination, large raised bumps on penis (circled in blue), tiny white blisters on penis head (circled in red), loss of libido, loss of sensation from penis head and a damaged looking skin on penis.

Did anyone encounter the same symptoms? Chlamydia gonorrhea HSV2 syphillis HIV negative.

Thanks heaps in advance

Picture link: https://ibb.co/fr6cvtB
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So you ruled out std's through testing, which is good. I know you will doubt the timing but timing can't be predicted, but I would see a dermatologist.  Perhaps you have genital ezcema.  Your symptoms are similar to what this causes. Psoriasis and balanitis are also possibilities. Even plain old jock itch can appear there.  Antifungal cream would clear that right up.  But mostly what you need to do is have this evaluated by a dermatologist. The sex you had is likely unrelated since you ruled out std's.  So, go in and find out what skin issue you have.
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