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Random bleeding from a spot on the scrotum?

37M. 5'8 150 pounds. Active and muscular.

I went to the restroom earlier and afterwards I stepped over to the sink (private bathroom at home) to wash my penis shaft because it was a long, sweaty day at the warehouse at work and I didn't want to take a shower until later tonight. Probably TMI, I know. Right after I stepped away from the sink, I saw blood on the sink countertop and running down the two wood doors on the front bottom of the sink. I saw patches of blood on my boxers (which were still down). I freaked out, thought I was bleeding internally after having just went #2. It was solid, but a little watery and I thought I had some major issue going on inside. I've been having a lot of GI and stomach issues since late last  year, have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and my primary care doctor thinks I have POTS/Dysautonomia causing the dizziness and blood pressure spikes/drops that I've had since. Then I saw blood on my leg and figured out that it was coming from the underside of my scrotum, which I didn't wash. It took me about 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. In total, it wasn't a whole 'lot' per se. Maybe 2-3 tablespoons total of blood. It just seemed like it wouldn't stop no matter how much I held tissue up to it. I don't have fingernails, so I couldn't have cut it with them while washing. I can't figure out how I would have injured it for it to bleed. It certainly made me panic, my lips looked pale and I felt odd. But I get the dysautonomia in the afternoon anyway and that could have caused me to just feel weird after a panic.

The scrotum would have come into contact with the edge of the counter since I had to stand on my tiptoes a little bit to reach the edge of the sink. Possibly also the top of the wood doors on the front of the sink. However, I felt nothing sharp on the doors or sink counter. Nothing on/in my pants that I would have cut myself on and I don't think it was the zipper of the pants.

It finally stopped, but has a light tingling/burning sensation on that side of the scrotum where it is. All that I see is this dot-like thing and it doesn't look like a cut. This is what it was bleeding from. Looks like it is right over the top of a little blood vessel, which would explain why it seemed like I "couldn't stop" the bleeding.
Note that photos are cropped and there is nothing inappropriate in them. What the heck is it? Any ideas?


Obviously, it was kind of hard to take a good macro photo of such a thing. Does it look like I cut it (shaved the skin off somehow by hitting it on something maybe) to cause that? Can a little blood vessel like that randomly break in the scrotum? Anything to worry about? It appears to have since stopped on its own. If it is a cut, obviously no big deal. But if it is a blood vessel that broke and erupted to do this, that would concern me more. I don't know what it would look like if a blood vessel would break and erupt, hence the photos. Never had such a thing happen.
Note also that I have googled and came across something called "angiokeratoma of fordyce" that some people get, but mine doesn't look anything like that. At least, if it was there and did look like that at some point, it doesn't now. But it could be that I just cut it on the zipper or something. It appears to have started at the sink and there was no blood on the toilet. Of course, with my Dysautonomia/POTS symptoms, I've  been ready about Fabry's disease and freaking out a little bit because part of my symptoms match. But I only have just one tiny needle-thick sized angiokeratoma fordyce visible on the opposite side of the scrotum. I do see what looks like a varicose vein or something, on the underside of the (left?) part of the scrotum. The vein is thicker than all others and dark purple, but probably as thick as thin spaghetti. Might just be a random thing.

Is having a single angiokeratoma on the scrotum considered normal?
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You can have a single one, but it doesn't appear to be as common. Here's a pic of one - NSFW - https://dermnetnz.org/assets/Uploads/angiokeratoma-55__WatermarkedWyJXYXRlcm1hcmtlZCJd.JPG

They do tend to bleed if they're scratched, which could have happened on the sink. Maybe you didn't actually scratch it, but bumped it, and that was enough.

Don't panic about Fabry's Disease - it's a rare genetic disease with a lot of specific symptoms. You had one spot, not multiple. https://www.medicinenet.com/fabrys_disease/article.htm

It really could be random. I understand why you're freaking out, and can't say I wouldn't be either, but talk to your doctor, continue to work through getting the POTS diagnosis or ruling it out, and go from there.

Let us know what happens. :)
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