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Rapid decline in sexual performance

I'm in my late 50's. I'm in very good shape. I run 5K races and often take 1st place for my age group. I play ice hockey three days per week in the winter when not running road races.

Until just three or four years ago, I was able to have sex 6 to 7 day per week. Sometimes twice a day. Then I dropped to 3 to 4 times per week. Now I'm down to only being able to have sex once per week at most and even then, if I'm not quick, if I wait for my partner to be satisfied, I then can't finish or actually even sometimes lose the erection before she is even satisfied. And that is fast. She, using a vibrator with me inside her can usually finish in 5 minutes or less so I'm sometimes now unable to stay hard for even 5 minutes. This even after a week long break from sex.  

This is new. I would say that as recent as 6 months ago I was able to stay hard for her for an hour with no problems. I could do that with just a two day or so break.  Three or so years ago I could do that once a day for her. This is really frustrating.

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Erections are rather revealing to ones health and, unfortunately, one's age as well.  Somatically speaking diabetes is the most common cause of erectile failure, but that occurs at the outset, not after 5 minutes.  Hypertension, atherosclerosis (particularly in midsized vessels - a unique pattern of uncertain etiology) and some forms of liver disease or prostatism of various types can be the culprit.

But then, there's the hormone thing.  By 55, about 35% of men are no really no longer interested in sex - mostly because (deep down) they just don't feel like it.  By 60 that's about 45%; by 65 it's 65% and by 70 it's about 75 - 80%. In some men, the "desire" is there mentally, but the real visceral (hormone-driven) urge just isn't.  An erection that occurs (often no problem at the start) but disappears quickly is the symptom of this.  Other symptoms are presence of pre-ejaculation fluid well before the erection, and delayed ejaculation well after the orgasm is over.  

Get your T level tested.  They can be remarkably low by the late 50's.  Although I have some reservations regarding the methods used for T-replacement such could possibly bring your body up to par with your head, but up to now this is not often the case, and, there are side effects with overdosing.  

You're in your late 50's and you feel like you're 30, but that is no guarantee your testicles "feel" the same.
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And, oh...have you tried Viagra or its similars?  They can achieve and maintain erection in most healthy men as long as they are "mentally" stimulated sexually.  If you haven't tried that, ask your doctor about that.
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