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Reason for Low Progesterone, Testosterone, Estradiol?

I've recently received back blood tests where my Progesterone, Testosterone, and Estrogiol were very low.. They are above the lowest recommended range in each case but only just.

I went to the doctor to see why I gain weight so easily.  I collect allot of fat around my waist and chest and have always had to keep my meals very small.  My father went through the same thing and didn't live very long.  Died in his 50's.  

I feel I'm going the same way and would like to explore why this is happening to me.  I have eaten healthy all my life, excercise, and do not drink or smoke.. It should be enough.

I also had all my thyroid hormones tested and they are all well and truly normal. T4, Free T3, RT3 and TSH.. Even the T3/RT3 ratio is optimal.

I know my doctor will tell me there's nothing wrong with me but I'm afraid there is.  The weight gain and impossibility of losing it is unprecedented.

If it's not too much trouble could someone please help me with this as it's basically destroying my life.
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