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Recent testosterone levels slightly low?

Hey all…

I’m new to this forum, but active on the Thyroid boards since I’ve been dealing with a low thyroid (hypothyroid) problem that I’m being treated for. I'm a 45 year old male...

The reason I’m here is that during the course of testing for my thyroid,  the labs came back with a potentially low testosterone problem.  The nurse who reviewed the results with me said the Doctor may address these result when I am scheduled to follow up on my thyroid in December.

These are the testosterone results and the ranges that they ran a month ago:
Total Testosterone 422 (250-1100), FREE testosterone 47.3 (46-244), Bioavailabe Test. 105.5 “low” (110-575), SHBG 39 (10-50).

Since the symptoms of low thyroid and low T are so very similar (and i have them all)  I think they want to see if my thyroid levels stabilize first… But any thoughts on the testosterone levels would be welcome!!!
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Ok It seems your DHEA is par for your age, the weight you have put is due to your under active thyroid, you could try some Tribulus, its a herb, the should buck up your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, and takes aroud 8 weeks to get up to full power, this may also help with your ED, Im on both Tribulus and DHEA for ED.
But from what I have read on Mono it can take some time to get out of it, google mono and low thyriod it may help you trying to find an answer.
Good Luck
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Well I already work out 5-6 times a week and have been for several years.  And for those several years I had maintained a steady weight. But it was not until I contracted Mono last fall and the subsequent diagnosis of low thyroid early this past spring, that my weight has started to rise. I’ve put on almost 20lbs with no change in workout or eating habits all in my midsection! Along with the other symptoms…mild ED, brain fog, mild anxiety and little motivation. But again all of these can be symptoms for both low T and hypothyroidism…

I’m still adjusting my thyroid meds which is why I think the doctor wants to wait till December to address the lower testosterone. I did have a DHEA test and it was 162 (45-345)… not sure if that is any problem.

I just didn’t know how the lower Free and low Bioavailabe numbers correlate to symptoms.
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Hi , they should be around 600 for your age, so your a bit low, but some exercise should be the natural way to get them back up, but some weight lifting is the sure way to raise them back up and you would need to keep at, so how would you fill at 45 doing that, I take DHEA its a hormon, but please read up about first before you take it as it can have the odd side effect with the odd person, I take as a wayout of ED, but it works for me, raise our testosterone, kicks up our libido and kicks up our energy levels.
Are these any help to yopu.
Good Luck
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