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Red Inflamed Urethra Line

Not sure what this is, but my first symptoms where 6 years ago. i masturbated with some hair conditioner when i was younger and the next day i had bumps all around the tip of my penis. This proceeded to peel and scab over the next few days very heavily and turned into ulcers, which where very hard to get rid of. my urethra was red and itchy as well.

I proceeded to get it checked up and was given anti fungal cream which didn't work. i then got taken to a proffesional and was subscribed 10% cream not sure the name and that healed up the ulcers but up til now the skin above my circumsision line is very very wrinkled, yet below the circumcision its normal tight skin and the urethra remained red, swollen and sensitive all the way to the urethra hole. I remember it burning when peeing when i was younger but now cant feel anything.

The inflamed urethra line goes all the way to my circumcision line and stops when it sort of squiggles in a pattern that looks very strange.. i have had this up til now any idea what it is? one more thing, this all came around the same time i was in a public toilet at highschool and water dripped back from the toilet into my anus people tell me nothing could happen but wanted to notify. possible bacteria infection? thank you in advance
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