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Red bumps on penis shaft

Okay.  Here's my story.  I was on duty out of town, and hanging with some dudes I didn't know.  One approaches me and says he wants to blow me.  I was taken aback, but hey, never tried and said sure.  The dude asked me to face f**k him, complete head over side of bed.  Well, I did.  Problem is, I'm pretty big down there, but I did get all the way in.  To the point where I felt his teeth and stubble rubbing me raw at the base of my shaft, and about an inch up.  It was uncomfortable, but I troopered through it.  He puked a couple of times, but I thought it was saliva.  Anyway, there was a lot of teeth action going on.  This occured at 11 PM on a Sunday.  Monday morning, around 10 AM, I go to use the bathroom and noticed about 8 red spots, exactly where I felt the stubbly chin and teeth.  I freaked out.  They didn't hurt to the touch, no blistering, no puss, just looked like pimples.  One caveat.  I did shave down there a few days prior, and on the shaft too in that area as I have some stragglers on the left of my shaft that grow.

Next day, I go to see the doctor.  He looks at it and I tell him what went down.  He didn't think it looked like herpes, but some sort of agitation of my pores, and gave my hydrocortisone.  Been using it and bacetraxin for 7 days, and they have pretty much gone away. When I stretch the skin, it seems they are under it and I am able to pull a few hairs on a few of them, that are protruding.  

So, is it possible that I have a skin irritation due to the combination of teeth scraping, bacteria in his saliva/puke?  The doctor said it's unlikely herpes, as it developed in less that 12 hours.  I tend to that as well, as it has reduced pretty well.  Used the hydrocortisone for a few days, but switched to neosporin crream.  Once I did that, they size and swelling went down a bunch.  Just a little freaked out.  Going to the county clinic tomorrow as well.

Caveat 2:  I tried it, and figured out its not my thing.  
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