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Red wrinkly bumps on glans and red sensitive scrotum

Hi, six months ago I was masturbating in the shower after work and a small cut opened up on the underside of the glans of my penis. It caused some discomfort for a week or so before healing, but shortly after I developed red sensitive skin on the top of my glans and my scrotum. The condition has remained unchanged for six months with no help from anti fungal, anti bacterial, or any antibiotics. The discomfort has made it very difficult to work, exercise, or pretty much do anything due to the discomfort clothes cause when rubbing on it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been to two dermatologist and my gp and everyone seems stumped. I should also mention that for most of the duration of this I have had painful lymph nodes and nerves in my groin and armpits as well, predominately the left side but also the right.
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Has anyone tested it by swabbing it? That's what I'd ask for.
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Well, your doctor really is the best one to talk to about this.  I've read that scar tissue can cause discomfort though.  The other stuff makes zero sense and is unrelated I would suspect though.  pain in lymph nodes and nerves to groin and arm pit is unlikely anything to do with this especially from a masturbation friction injury.  https://www.healthline.com/health/scar-tissue-pain
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