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Redness and red dots under skin on penis head

Hi there,

I have developed a reddening on penis head with angry looking red dots under the surface of the penis head which becomes visible when my penis is erect/after ejaculation.

It started after a promiscuous incident that occured around ten weeks ago with a female friend of a friend.  I received unprotected oral sex from her for around ten minutes without reaching climax.

10 days after the incident I went for STD screening in which I received negative results.

Around a week later I had pain in my Testicles and pubic area so went to doctors and was prescribed Ciprofloxacin 500mg twice per day for 14 days to treat Epididmitis.  The symptoms appeared to subside after taking the anti biotics and so I thought the problem had been rectified.  A week later I noticed some reddening on penis head along with a little bit of irritation in the urethra and so went for another round of STD tests.  All again came back negative.  I came away from the clinic after being told there are no signs of STD.

I followed up with my GP a day later who said I had a yeast infection.  I was given Canesten HC cream in which had no affect.  A week later I returned to the GP who gave me Timodine cream which eased the symptoms for a couple of days but they returned.  

I returned to the STD clinic who then told me I had Balanitis and prescribed Metronidazole tablets for 7 days and told me to keep using Canesten HC.  Finished metronidazole but irritated Urethra persisted so returned to clinic and was diagnosed with NSU (non specific urethritis) and was prescribed Doxycycline for 7 days in which was effective....irritation gone.  The redness on penis head has persisted through all of this with no sign of it letting up.

Last week the pain in the scrotum had returned and had a scrotal ultrasound and was told there was no epididymitis and Testicles and everything around them look sound.

Followed it up with GP appointment who indicated a prostate infection (prostatitis) due to symptoms including pelvic/hip pain, testicle pain, not fully emptying bladder etc.  Was prescribed another 14 days of Cipro.  

In this ten weeks I have only masturbated maybe 5 times and have abstained from sex with my partner of ten years (out of shame for being unfaithful and not to infect her if anything is underlying). I have noticed my penis head looks vastly increased in size when erect and goes red raw/purple in colour with red dots appearing all over the head but under the skin.  This happens when I am erect or have ejaculated.  My biggest worry has been HSV from the woman’s mouth although no cold sores were visible etc.  All doctors/nurses have played the thought of Herpes down and have told me not to worry unless I get blisters or sores.  I am going out of my mind with worry and can’t face breaking my partners heart by telling her the truth after a stupid drunken incident!  Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Any feedback would be
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Hey man, similar situation here. I had burning tip of penis after peeing and immediately thought the worst. I self prescribed chlamydia medication and abstained from sex. The groin pain and burning seems to had subsided but I have noticed on my glans that I have 2 red dots.

Does your glans look shiny sometimes and a little sweaty at other times?
Yeah it does pal.  Ive had full screening for all STI's excluding HPV (Warts) and HSV (Herpes)

All tests clear but keep getting a prickly feeling on tip of outer foreskin and have seen the tiniest skin tag appear which looks to be a milk spot that when squeezes the tiniest bit of white "cheese" comes out.  When i say the tiniest tag i mean less than 0.5mm which doesnt itch unless my boxers rub it.

Did get diagnosed with NSU around 8 weeks ago which cleared up with a 7 day course of Doxycycline but this past week there is a foul odour coming from my penis accompanied by a thick but clear discharge. I have had a swollen lymph node in my left groin for at least 5 weeks and There is also a bit of flaking on the glans but would put that down to excessive use of clotrimazole and miconazole cream.  Feeling extremely fed up with it now!!

Saw a urologist 3 weeks ago who told me not to worry about any STI's but has referred me for a Renal CT Scan (Kidneys) at the end of the month
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So it’s just around the foreskin area?
Yeah its seems to be pal.  Slight irritation in urethra and still a bit of a foul odour with clear discharge.  No more flaky skin and a little bit of redness on the glans
Dis you ever get to the root cause of this? I’m going through the same round of tests as you. Has your issue cleared?
Hi there,

I am still no wiser and no health professional seems to be able to give me a conclusive diagnosis.  Its ruining my life as in my mind it is HSV or HPV although medical professionals are telling me its not.  Until i get an official diagnosis i feel i cant have sexual relations with my partner of 10 years as this was caused by a senseless 10 minutes of promiscuity that could potentially ruining both our lives and relationship.
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Exactly the same here, I am still having burning whilst I pee, not all the time. Sometimes it’s just after. I’ve been to the doctor and the dip tests have been clear. I’m waiting on the results of the GUM clinic I went to last week.

I don’t have any dots on my glans, the urethra opening has some irritation around it, the doctor wasn’t that concerned. I’ve had no discharge or weird smells.

The girl I slept with says she is clean and has been tested. I have also worried about Herpes. I must admit though, I think the herpes outbreak is supposed to be excruciating pain wise and it also is supposed to clear. I’ve had my symptoms for well over a month now. I’ve also considered Prostatitis.

The burn I get is right at the point where the glans meets the shaft, inside the urethra.

It’s quite frustrating, if you want someone to talk to instead of it going over and over on your mind let me know.

Do you still get any burning?
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I have something that sounds very similar, although mine has seemed to progress into a skin irritation all over the penis/ scrotum/ thighs. I went to a dermatologist who couldn't tell me what this was. It's now constantly itchy and prickly feeling, sometimes skin coloured bumps appear, sometimes reddish ones. It seems to get worse with alcohol/stress.... it's ruined my life. I've been experiencing this for over a year now, after receiving oral sex from a sex trade worker. Worst decision of my life...
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