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Retracting penis problem...

Before I say anything... let me say that this isn't a problem that is just in my husband's head! I have had 2-3 woman say that they have seen their husbands/boyfriend  problem with their own eyes... and I have too!

Whenever my husband gets nervous, anxious, or his adrenaline starts to pump... his penis starts to retract into his body. When running or exercising, he is constantly having to 'pull' his penis to keep it from retracting. I have googled this and others have told me that this is called "Penis Panic" which is a disorder saying that it is all in a guys head.

I don't believe there has ever been any reports on a penis retracting and never coming out... but it makes my husband uncomfortable knowing its retracting and has to adjust himself.

Does anyone else have this problem or know someone who has? I posted this about a year ago and I received 6-7 messages saying that they or their husband/boyfriend has it and they haven't found any answers to it either.

My husband went to the doctor and of course the doctor didn't have any answers.
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Btw.. it is very fusturating!! Because of this problem... my husband avoids anything that would cause his adrenaline to start pumping... like he won't go on roller coaster rides, etc.
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I don't know if it's the same thing, but when I'm doing PT, my penis seems to retract, or roll in on itself. I've never really thought much about it, I just thought it was the shorts and they way my junk was moving around that made it do that. It doesn't really retract all the way, just shortens up. Perhaps its a reflex from prehistoric times when having something dangeling down would cause some problems when you're running around. It's just a guess.
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Yea, thats what happens when my husband does PT... Yea, I hate those shorts, lol. From what you said, he has the same thing going on but I guess more often.

I forgot to mention that when my husband was in his teens, he feel while skating on top of his penis... and he said that he heard something pop. He has an indention above his groin.

Someone sent me a message saying that her husband has the same prob and he also feel and heard a popping noise...
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That's interesting. I've never really thought about it, but it seems like I've had a pop down there once or twice. I wouldn't really expect the aid station docs to know much or do much about the problem though. If it's really bugging him, have him make an appointment with a counselor to discuss the mental aspect of the problem. More often than not, they'll pay attention to something causing mental anguish and have him see a specialist outside the army system to have it checked out.
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Im 25 and I have the same problem and Ive been to the urologist many times. He found that I had an infected prostate and gave me antibiotics for two months. It didnt cure it but it helped. I went back today and he said he cant find anything not even on the cat scan I paid a ton of money for, but he said that it could be a pinched nerve in my upper back and since my back is often sore in the area he mentioned he suggested to try a chiropractor. It started when I was in the Navy and I believe I was deployed the first time it happened so basically Ive been dealing with this for years so Im hoping this works. Until I read this I thought I was the only one this had ever happened to. If this works I will repost with an update
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My penis is shrinking also at an alarming rate. It used to be about 4 – 4 ½ inches soft. It has now shrunk to about 1 inch. When cold or I get any kind of fear it retracts so far you have to feel for it and pull it out. It is embarrassing going to the men’s room as it is too short at times to pee with and I must sit down. Another problem is I can no longer wear jockey shorts, or stiff clothes such as jeans as the head of my penis rubs against the fabric and it starts to stimulate me and have a few times almost ejected. An erection for me now is about 2 inches and can only connect with my partner with her bending over a couch and me coming in from behind and being as short as I am now and so much action on the tip it is over in just few strokes. I do have diabetes (mild). I have taken 2 viagra pills with out any kind of change, just seems to tingle more.  Can anything be done to make it bigger again.
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Go to a urologist. I went and he found I had prostatitis. I went on antibiotics for 2 months. The first month the problem disaperared completely and after that it started coming back. After my prescription was up I went back and had a cat scan and they found nothing so the urologist kinda blew me off. Either way it was fixed for a month so Im now going to a new urologist and hopefully he will be able to help more permanently. If you figure anything out please post it.
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Seems to me everyone here has not had any luck in finding the problem to this penis retraction, whatever it is.  I am 44 years old and this began for me when I was 40 years old.  I was definitely depressed at the time along with anxiety when it all began.  I am no longer depressed since I realized I did not want this condition to stay with me.  When I was 43 years old, this problem seemed to partially disappear, happening very seldomly.  Nighttime erections at 43 years old started coming back since I lost those too when I was 40 years old.  Of course I freaked out and went  to many urologists who told me that there was nothing I could do unless I wanted a penile implant.  But my recovery was short lived when I hit 44 years old.  After surgery on my right knee, my penis once again retracted along with the loss of night time erections.  Thinking of trying Xanax just in case I think there might be some kind of anxiety.  The only anxiety I feel now is the uncomfortable anxiety I get when I think i am going to have this problem for life.  I have visited Dr. Tom Lue in San Francisco, suppose to be the best in penis problems and erection issues.  He was written books on the subjects and been involved in genetic therapy in laboratory studies on animals.  Don't know if he is yet doing this on humans.  Maybe only the rich and famous can get help, I don't know.  But I intend to see him within a month or two and talk about this problem.  When I visited him in the past, he sent me for an mri of the blood flow to my penis, everything checked o.k..  He wanted to do other tests, but since I don't live in San Francisco, I could not afford to stay.  It has been three years past and the problem with my penis persists, so this time I have made arrangements to stay hopefully for about a month, but finances will dictate how long I can stay.  When you are poor, you are poor, and there is nothing that can change that.  San Francisco is a very expensive place to live.  
    Maybe all of us should see Dr. Tom Lue in San Francisco on a certain date.  Google his name.  Even google genetic therapy for erectile dysfunction and you will find his name.  He has given seminars on the subject and is suppose to be the best.  I find this problem disabling and uncomfortable.  Most of my daily activities have come to a halt.  Any type of exercise of exertion seems to exacerbate the penile retraction.  Post a comment and maybe this issue could be resolved.  Don't know if showing up at a top urologist in the country doctor at the same time or maybe let him know that there are many of us with this unusual problem.  Don't know where to start.  Believe me, unless the doctor is well reknowned for his work in this area, most doctors are going to turn you away.
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I forgot to add this to my watch list and this is the first time I have ever posted about this subject.  I will try the zinc to see if that works.  
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Is this related?  Please share your thoughts...

To: all
I'm back on and I have a few questions (I have lifted them from some of my previous pm notes so ignore the cross communications and just focus on the questions).

  Trust me, if you are experiencing similar, YOU ARE DEFINTELY NOT ALONE, no matter what anyone (doctors) says.  I think that THAT is actually the bittersweet part about all of this; that if we have to suffer with this, at least we don't have to suffer all alone.  With all of these guys focusing their energy on it like their lives depend on it, and their sex lives do depend on it, at least that's more of a chance for reaching some sort of progress.  We have even been fortunate enough to talk a couple of guys down off of the ledges,  LITERALLY, after several weak moments.  Who says bros don't stick together...

Good luck with your efforts and check out a quick post that I sent today.  Alot of the root cause of all of this seems elusive but yet very strangely "common" to me, and I am trying to locate the commonalities within all of these different guys.. the common thread... the keystone.. the thing that seems to be **#[email protected]! up our daily lives pretty consistently.  I have some questions that I hope you will oblidge me with.  Check out my questions, answer them, and let me know what you think?  And as always, BE HONEST.  

  Bear with me as some of them may seem random.  In the name of finding a cure or at least a common denominator / pattern, PLEASE treat them seriously and answer them to the best of your ability.  That way we can figure this out, hopefully, before we pass on...  God bless and thanks for your responses.  Keep the forum alive.  We CAN beat this.


I move fast my friend, and I think that I've narrowed it down to one or two possible causes. I want my "penis" back, and I take this condition very seriously.  Let me ask you a couple of questions.  

Do you have an occasional discharge (clear or otherwise)?

Have you experienced a new bout (or bouts) of premature ejaculation?

Do you have urethral itching?

Do you have any warm fluid sensations internally, withi the groin/scrotal/pubic areas?

Are you taking any supplements, and if so what?

Get back to me and I'll share with you what I think it is.  I don't want to tell you now as it may taint your answers.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.


I haven't forgot about you man.  Hmm,.. let's see.  I had to postpone the dr. appt, so I'll give you an update on that after I go in 2 weeks.  Also, I wanted to ask you.. ever had any of the following:

- Noticed a new, different odor in your stool?      
- Had a sticky-ish discharge after urinating?
- Have a decrease in noctornal emissions?
- Have a discoloration in semen?
- Have any noticeable weight loss?


Long time no speak. This is what I am attempting as of 03.01.2009.


I see similarities.

What are your thoughts??


What are your thoughts on the following as possible causes???




Anyone see any similarities???
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hey mrpaul

Sent by pelo Aug 11, 2009 11:37AM
i am 27 years old and have been suffering this problem for 4 years and it just keeps getting worse. i read your series of questions and couldnt believe what i saw. i answered yes to all these some of the symptoms come and go and some of them like the PE and Penile shrinkage get worse. urologists are ignorant to my problems. i am so depressed and am desperate for a cure if not an improvement. Do you have trouble pushing out urine more now as well ? please keep posted

Sent by mrpaul 1 hour ago
Hi Pelo,

I would very much like to keep you (and everyone else) posted as to any improvements/updates to this issue.  However, just as you took the time to write me back in this message, take another couple of minutes and provide feedback to my questions: and send your honest answers to me or post them back into the forum.  That is how we can organize our multiple issues, formulate our thoughts, analyze the problem to see if their are any common causes/behaviors that might be contributing to this, and lastly,... find a way to get ourselves back to NORMAL.  Re-post, and please answer the questions.  THAT, is the only way to get the ball rolling.  Plus, your involvement in looking for a solution may help your depression.  It helped mine.  ANd yes with all of the other problems, urinating is also an issue.
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I'm 42 and I've had a retractable/hidden penis for as long as I can remember - probably aged 3-4 or so. It retracts mostly when I'm sitting.

My penis is extremely small in its flacid state and like most guys who post here, I have to pull or tug at it when I get undressed - just to make it appear like a normal penis (however small it may be). Obviously the issue is about self esteem and all that goes with it.

I've found this site whilst unsuccessfully googling about possible cures etc. For what it's worth (as a laugh probably) this was my train of thought in googling cures :

There's a lame joke about prescribing "Viagra Lite" to geriatrics so they don't pee on their shoes - and that set me off thinking...If I can only have my penis in a permanent semi-flacid state, it won't retract, be relatively normal size etc etc...So my search was related to using Viagra as a cure for a hidden penis.

Apologies if this did not really contribute to the general thread trend in this site, but neccessity / desperation is the mother of all inventions I guess.

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the problem is related to prostate as mentioned on many forums

I am doing thorough research on overall sexual health. Its really difficult to find solution for retraction. See the activities of your husband. What type of job is he doing, what does he eat daily, how does he sit, is he taking suppliments or medicines right now or in month or year. If any action or activity going repeatedly by him , should be chaged.
Even the way you have meals daily with same style, should entirly be changed.

Take the blood pressure readings daily two or three times. see the difference. The average should be normal.

Go for general medical tests blood sugar, heart, cardiac, hepatitus, etc.

If there is any bad result found, go ahead for improvements.

Above awareness is mandatory but if you cannot bear expanses . Here is a good practice for improvement in ur problem.

The most important thing is the food. What you are  eating.
Make diet plan. If you planned intelligently for best meals. Protiens, Carbohidrates, fats, vitamins, and other nutritions should be taken in balanced amount regularly from foods or other resources.

You'll see the amazing changes in 60 days.

I have some real guidelines about herbs and specific medicines , I will let u  know later.

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i just stumb led into this site and found out i have the same problem a lot of you have. retrated penis problem. To give you a little back ground, I'm a 63. I have never had any problems prior to this with my penis. What started happening about a year ago was i noticed my penis was bending to the left a little. then when i started having erections it really started bending and hurting to the point that it was painful to have sex.  I looked it up on the internet and assumed i had peyronies disease. I have been to 2 urologists and they confirmed that i had peyronies.
I'm not so sure.   A strange  thing started happening about 3 month ago, in addition to the bending penis problem,
I started having problems with my penis retracting. which you know is very uncomfortable.  some of the pain associated with the bending penis problem, seems to have subsided a bit.  that is as of today. the retracting penis problem is especially a problem since i seem to be urniating a lot more frequently ( check for prostrate problems
but the doctors says their is no problem.    I'm sort of at my wits end, and not sure where to go with this problem. these doctors really have no answers..   I think the next call my be to Dr Tom Lue in San Francisco.  One of the
urologist mentioned his name.  when i go i will let you know what he thinks

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I have gone through the complete post. Nobody has written about any holistic therapy. You are likely to get some clue if you go through the following therapies.
Kundlini yoga. www.anmolmehta.com ; it is quite frank about sexual matters. It is connected with a blog. You can put your problems to the web site.
Research the word kegel exercises. This is meant for strengthening the pelvic floor.
Taoist yoga; It has given top priority to sexual problems.
Tantric yoga. Here also you will find some good techniques. I have not come any subject like retracing penis in the above web sites. However, it may help you indirectly to find some technique which may work. At least sexual function will improve.
www.pegym.com is also would give some ideas about the problem.
I do hope some of you can come up with some solutions from the above websites
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i've had this penis problem for about 2 years,when i bend down to pick up something, or when i'm just walking the penis retracts in, & I have to adjust my penis to come back out, sometimes it looks like I'm playing with my self.it *****. when I take my motorcycle out sometimes I have to pull over & pull it out. anyway this might seem am little crazy but I thought maybe a **** ring might help, I know it sounds a little perverted but it seemed to work 80% of the time u can buy them at any sex shop just thought I'd post this. good luck to all of us, this sure is a problem....
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There is an article on the Concealed Penis, which is a congenital condition, that means that it was present a birth.  I know your problem was not present at birth but I think the treatment for your problem would probably the simular.  It seems like to me if this problem presented its self after an event where you heard a "pop" in that area, that it may be an injury like a hernia, but because of where in the abdomen it occured, that instead of the intestines protruding, your penis is slipping back.
You can read the article about the comcealed penis at this web address:
     Print it and take it to your doctor.
I hope this helps,      God loves you!!
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I have had this for around 6-7 years; always happens during exercise, especially lifting heavy weights (leg days). When erect, no issues. No discharges, tested for STD's (negative), no injuries and no clues as to why it developed. It very bothersome and causes psychological stress. I wish I knew what caused this to happen.
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I've had the same problem since I was a kid, as long as I can remember. I'm 30 now and it's still continuing. I've noticed that as it's happening, I'm tightening my abs and sometimes gritting my teeth. If I make a conscious effort to relax my abs and calm down, it stops. I don't have nor do I want to spend the money to find out from a doctor what's wrong. It's always a run around with no definitve answer.if someone knows what I can tell the doc what to look for, I would be eternally greatfull
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I have seen dr. lue about this problem and he told me it was all from stress and anxiety and that you need to forget about it and it will get better. email me at ***@**** if you would like more info
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When I walk or run my penis retracts but doesn't go inside my body I always have to adjust myself and I'm tired of it but never been to doctor cause I'm poor and have no insurance also when I was little I had a hernia maybe that's why I have problems idk
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A related discussion, retracting penis was started.
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One can do male deer exercise. This can help to increase the blood circulation in the groin area and this may stop retracting of penis. It is a good exercise for sexual disorders.
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so has anyone have any answers on this problem yet or all we all screwed?
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