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Retracting penis problem...

Before I say anything... let me say that this isn't a problem that is just in my husband's head! I have had 2-3 woman say that they have seen their husbands/boyfriend  problem with their own eyes... and I have too!

Whenever my husband gets nervous, anxious, or his adrenaline starts to pump... his penis starts to retract into his body. When running or exercising, he is constantly having to 'pull' his penis to keep it from retracting. I have googled this and others have told me that this is called "Penis Panic" which is a disorder saying that it is all in a guys head.

I don't believe there has ever been any reports on a penis retracting and never coming out... but it makes my husband uncomfortable knowing its retracting and has to adjust himself.

Does anyone else have this problem or know someone who has? I posted this about a year ago and I received 6-7 messages saying that they or their husband/boyfriend has it and they haven't found any answers to it either.

My husband went to the doctor and of course the doctor didn't have any answers.
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Btw.. it is very fusturating!! Because of this problem... my husband avoids anything that would cause his adrenaline to start pumping... like he won't go on roller coaster rides, etc.
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I don't know if it's the same thing, but when I'm doing PT, my penis seems to retract, or roll in on itself. I've never really thought much about it, I just thought it was the shorts and they way my junk was moving around that made it do that. It doesn't really retract all the way, just shortens up. Perhaps its a reflex from prehistoric times when having something dangeling down would cause some problems when you're running around. It's just a guess.
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Yea, thats what happens when my husband does PT... Yea, I hate those shorts, lol. From what you said, he has the same thing going on but I guess more often.

I forgot to mention that when my husband was in his teens, he feel while skating on top of his penis... and he said that he heard something pop. He has an indention above his groin.

Someone sent me a message saying that her husband has the same prob and he also feel and heard a popping noise...
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That's interesting. I've never really thought about it, but it seems like I've had a pop down there once or twice. I wouldn't really expect the aid station docs to know much or do much about the problem though. If it's really bugging him, have him make an appointment with a counselor to discuss the mental aspect of the problem. More often than not, they'll pay attention to something causing mental anguish and have him see a specialist outside the army system to have it checked out.
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Im 25 and I have the same problem and Ive been to the urologist many times. He found that I had an infected prostate and gave me antibiotics for two months. It didnt cure it but it helped. I went back today and he said he cant find anything not even on the cat scan I paid a ton of money for, but he said that it could be a pinched nerve in my upper back and since my back is often sore in the area he mentioned he suggested to try a chiropractor. It started when I was in the Navy and I believe I was deployed the first time it happened so basically Ive been dealing with this for years so Im hoping this works. Until I read this I thought I was the only one this had ever happened to. If this works I will repost with an update
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My penis is shrinking also at an alarming rate. It used to be about 4 – 4 ½ inches soft. It has now shrunk to about 1 inch. When cold or I get any kind of fear it retracts so far you have to feel for it and pull it out. It is embarrassing going to the men’s room as it is too short at times to pee with and I must sit down. Another problem is I can no longer wear jockey shorts, or stiff clothes such as jeans as the head of my penis rubs against the fabric and it starts to stimulate me and have a few times almost ejected. An erection for me now is about 2 inches and can only connect with my partner with her bending over a couch and me coming in from behind and being as short as I am now and so much action on the tip it is over in just few strokes. I do have diabetes (mild). I have taken 2 viagra pills with out any kind of change, just seems to tingle more.  Can anything be done to make it bigger again.
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