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STD or infection

Hi.  I’m 43.  I recently found some very small fleshy bumps on the inner part of my Foreskin.  Pretty much on the edges of the thickest skin.  I went to the doctor and he told me it was a yeast infection.  I applied the prescribed cream and it got better.  I barely notice they are there unless I stretch the skin to find them.  But they haven’t gone away.  It only burns a little if I dribble urine there or after I apply the cream.  And also only if I run it there a lot.  Up to 2 weeks ago I was having lots of sex. Primarily all with a condemn.  An online dermatologist told me it was normal.  Could this be from friction?  Why the bumps.  They are skin colored and only get reddish if do something sex related.  Now I feel like my thighs are burning and my anas is.  There are no sores.  What the heck is this.  Is this an std?  Recently as well my testicles feel sore a little and seem swollen.  I don’t know if all thats in my head or what.  I don’t have any discharge or burning when I pee. Any ideas?
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They might be oil glands - those are often only visible if you stretch the skin.

Do you think that your thighs and anus burning and your testicle symptoms could be anxiety?

Have you had a thorough exam? Since you've had "a lot of sex", it wouldn't hurt to get tested for STDs, just to rule that out, and maybe get a physical exam to make sure everything looks okay. Show the doctor these spots and see what they think.

It's really hard for anyone to diagnose STDs online - they often require lab tests or physical exams to diagnose, and that can't be done online.

Even if it's done just to ease your mind, I think it would be a good idea. Peace of mind is a great thing.
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Hey Thanks!  Yes I’m in the doctors office literally right now.  He examined under a bright light and is not concerned at all about it being an std. I’m getting tested either way.  I have been under a lot of stress lately.  My wife is divorcing me.  Can that actually cause those things
Well, I don't know about stress causing them, because I don't know what the doc thinks they are.

If they are normal things like oil glands, then no - those things are there anyway, and you're just noticing them because you're worried. What did the doc say they were? Did he even see them? Did you point them out?

I think it's good that you're getting tested. You'd wonder and worry otherwise.

I'm sorry you're getting a divorce. Don't hesitate to reach out for counseling if you need it, or even if you think you don't. You're going through a rough time, and it can help.
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