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Scar treatment for penis?

So I treated this wart on my penis shaft and it’s gone now but it left a small depressed scar. It’s been alittle over 2 months and it’s causing a lot distress because I just want to forget this ever happened, is this permanent? Or is there any type of hope I can have about it fading over time or with treatment?
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It will probably fade with time. You can try some vitamin E oil on it, but I wouldn't try much of anything else, because you don't want to cause any other reactions and make it worse. A really general guideline for scars is to give them 6 months, and if they don't fade, then consult with a dermatologist.

It's probably far more noticeable to you than it would be to anyone else.
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It’s also alittle white so I know the skin lost it’s color, do you think that might fade over time also? I know it’s only 2 months but I’ve cut myself pretty bad down there with a razor before and that even healed and didn’t leave a scar. Thank you!
Yeah, it should go back more to your normal skin color, though I don't know if it will ever be totally "normal". I don't know what the treatment was, and every body is different. It sounds like your scars heal well, so right now, there's no reason to suspect this one won't as well.

Seriously though, everyone has little imperfections and spots and such. I know you don't care about that, really, in this moment, but it's true.
It was apple cider vinegar, probly not the best but it worked. Just looks like when a cut heals and has that whiteness to it afterwards but this is taking alittle longer so I started to get worried. Thank you though! this makes me feel better.
Oh yeah, that should heal. I wasn't sure if you tried to cut it out or something, which maybe wouldn't fully look normal again. I don't see any reason to think this won't. :)
I also think this will go away, though I'm pretty surprised apple cider vinegar worked on a wart.  At any rate, there are gentle natural products you can buy that might or might not help, but they do help some.  One I know of is called Scarmassage, assuming it still exists.  I think it's by Home Health or Heritage.  It's based on castor oil.  
I did pick at it which I’m regretting now and I think that’s why it left an indent, I’m just hoping that with time it will fade more.
I will look into the scar massage, thanks for the tips!
It’s just it’s been a little over 2 months and the area looks pretty much the same as it did like a month ago, so I started to worry about what if it’s a permanent scar, which I know it won’t be 100% better but i didn’t know if I should accept it or if there is hope that it will fade away. Thanks for commenting though I appreciate it.
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