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Seeing my GP about lump on my penis and annoying itchiness

33 y/o and I have a lump on my penis, at first it appears on the shaft but I think it is more towards the head, it is more visible during an erection.

It's been there for 2 years now.

The itch has started recently, on and off but now its always there and a dry feeling in the penis. Its hard to ignore it and makes me want to rub it till it starts feeling sore.

I can't find any other way to rid of the itch.

I booked an appointment with my GP ( here in thd UK). They booked me in for next Monday, as I booked a routine appointment instead of an urgent appointment.
Would it been better to ask for more urgent appointment?

I feel anxious, especially that I left it for 2 years, especially if it might be something serious. I think waiting triggers more anxiety too.

Currently the itch is only around the head, inside the penis and around the foreskin.
No pain or burning when urinating, no other symptoms except for a lump and annoying itch, and what looks like a red blister or something on the head when I retract my foreskin.


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If you can get in sooner, than do so, only because the itch is so intense. I don't think waiting another week after waiting 2 years is going to make a difference, other than the trying to relieve your itch could make your skin raw.

It's hard to tell from the pics, but is the (maybe) blood blister on the same area as the lump?

The lump is probably not cause for concern - most lumps aren't. They are often lymphoceles or cysts or something. The blood blister may be totally unrelated.

If you can wait until Monday, that's fine. My only concern would be the itch and the condition of your skin.  

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