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Sensitive bellend after foreskin retraction

I know i'm late to the party but I wasn't taught penis self care growing up. I'm 19 and can retract my foreskin completely absolutely fine. However, when retracted, the head of the penis and the gland is extremely sensitive. I can barely touch it. All I can manage is rinsing it with warm soapy water. When peeing I can't even manage to fully wipe it with tissue because it's so sensitive. Is there any way I can speed up the process of desensitising the penis? And how do I go about doing that..
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When the foreskin is retracted, does the head of your penis look smooth? Do you see any bumps or rashes or anything? Does it look like there may be an infection? If so, you need to get a doctor to check it out.

Is this the first time you've been retracting it? If it is, it may just take some time, but you might want to get things checked out to make sure the foreskin isn't too tight, or there isn't something else going on.

Good for you for taking care of your body now. :) Let us know what happens.
Hiya, yes it's all smooth, there is a little redness but i'm assuming that it is the first time i've been retracting it. There is no rashes or bumbs or anything that seems bad. Just the sensitivity issues. I'll give it a little bit of time and if anything scary or worrying comes from it, I will pop to the doctors! (If I can build up the courage to do so lol)
Thank you
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