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Severe Dehydration, Fatigue leading to Infection on Testes post masterbation/sex

   I'm a male aged 37 yrs. Not sexually active. Whenever I masturbate I feel severe dehydration, fatigue. If i do it once a day for 3 times in 3 days, I'm getting these symptoms. Starts with nose and mouth drying, weakness and dehydration does not go away inspite of taking plenty of fluids. Other symptoms include breathing difficulty because of dehydration, muscle pains from hips, on the sisdes, leading to knees and calf muscles. This has been leading to infection of Testes and over time, you see the infection in Urine. Whole of this happens in a weeks time. If i'm given anti-biotics, I'm recovering to normal state. Again, if i do masterbation   as describe above, these symptoms and problems are back. This can re-occur consistently. I dont have this problem if i do not masterbate or participate in sex (i'm single).

   I've been to a urologist recently. He did not do physical examination, he just saw the scrotum visually and ordered scan and doppler imaging. The result said i have grade 2 to 3 left varicocele. Normal testes sizes, normal epididymus, no hydrocele, no lesions. I was given some vitamin type of medication for generating nerves. I recovered over long time (20 days). But, the symptoms recur if i do mast.. again.

    My blood and urine also have been tested and all the results are normal. The tests include blood sugar and kidney function also. Blood pressure is normal.

Physically, i have huge sag on the right testicle. I definitely have a feeling something is wrong for sure.

Do these symptoms match my diagnosis? I felt, physical examination should have been done.
Could you please suggest what should I do? I'm really worried as I'm yet to get married. Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

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Have you noticed any change in eating habits?  You're at the age when your body will be jumping through the next physical change; lower metabolism being one.  Are you urinating well?  I would bet that there is more of a coincidence and that the cause is something other than the masturbation.  Have you had your sodium levels checked?  How about being checked for hypoglycemia or diabetes?
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Hi Bryan,

     There has not been any change in eating habits. I urinate well and take atleast 3-4 ltrs of water a day. My glucose levels were normal. Not sure about sodium levels.
I do have a neuro disease where there is a light muscle atropy seen between left hand's thumb and point finger with a very very slow progression (16 yrs like this). But all the tests including pulmonary function tests are normal. There is no dis-ability for my daily life. Do you think that is the problem? I don't think yet, as i'm getting normal if i take anti-biotics. However, i did feel this kind of fatigue when i did skiing only once 5 yrs ago. I do feel fatigue if i play any rigorous sport like basketball etc. Please shed some light!!

  thx in advance.

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Have you read up on candidiasis?
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Hi Bryan,

     I'll read about it. Thanks for the advice.

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