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Severe penile and testicular pain and pressure!!!!!!

Severe penile and testicular pain on the right side! When I lay down it lessens but soon as I get upright and walk it’s in full effect! The pressure is so severe it feels like some one is pulling my penis inside of me!!! I’ve had multiple mri’s and cat scans on my back and it’s safe to say my back isn’t the problem. I’ve had a camera up my pee hole which they found nothing. I’ve had pudendal nerve shots and nothing because my pudendal is fine my backs fine. I’ve been on so many antibiotics and nothing. Please please please help me. My quality of life is below 0!!!!
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How long has this been going on? What kind of doctors have you seen?

A varicocele can be eased by lying down, but finding it with the camera depends on what kind of test they did with the camera. An ultra-sound can find it, but it's not always seen on a cystoscopy.



Do you feel anything weird when you examine the area? You can usually feel a varicocele yourself.

This seems like it would be one of the first things they'd check for, so I'd be surprised if they missed it. It's pretty common, and easily diagnosed.

An inguinal hernia can cause the pain you feel and can also ease when you lie down. An ultrasound can find that, too. You might also have a bulge.


Keep working with your doctor, and if you haven't had an ultrasound of your scrotum or your lower abdomen, ask for that.

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I’ve had multiple ultrasounds and one cystoscopy and have found nothing. Where it all starts is the upper right side of the ring around the penis goes along the shaft and travels into my right testicles also will travel upwards on the right side. It’s very severe. Also after I use the bathroom wether it’s number 1 or 2 that’s when the pain really hits. It has a burning sensation when I pee and when I’m done if I don’t stand over the toilet for awhile it’ll leak into my briefs. When I sit down after peeing or put any kind of pressure on my pelvis area it feels like ima about to pee myself. This pain travels all over but stays on the right side mostly and the main pain and pressure is right on that ring on the right side.
I’ve seen urologists and neurologist. I’ve had blood work done. I’ve peed in cups I’ve been tested for just about everything.
Well not exactly a neurologist but neuro surgeons because a doctor misdiagnosed me saying I had lumbar canal stenosis.
And there is a very faint raised darker mark on the ring of my penis (right side) and when it travels down my shaft I can feel a hardened vein or something also.
This has been going on for almost 2 years with 0 answers.
I'm assuming they would have found a hernia, any structural issues with kidneys, ureters (the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder), etc.

With all of that ruled out, what are you drinking and eating? That seems to be the only thing left. Could you be drinking something that is really irritating to your kidneys or bladder? Is there something you eat and drink daily, or can you track something that when you eat or drink it, your symptoms worsen?

That seems unlikely, but I'm out of ideas if everything else has been ruled out. :(
No I really don’t drink much out of the ordinary. Just juices water and cool aid..........sometimes the occasional soda. The only thing they CT’d was my kidneys for any kind of cancer I’m assuming but didn’t really look to deep into it. I pretty much eat home cooked meals that’s also not out of the ordinary chickens steaks rices vegetables some junk food but nothing changes with what I eat really. I can feel pain in the lower right part of my back where my kidney is. And like I said after anytime I go to the bathroom 1 or 2 it the worst for idk 30-45 min then will lighten a little. So much pain and pressure. My testicles will tingle and it seems my legs and lower half will slightly tingle and also get cold all the way to my feet  but not my upper half. It’s all my lower body but mostly right side. Penis,testicles,thigh,back, in that order. Only thing that helps is how I place my body and what positions I put it in.
It seems when I shower it soothes me a little and prob because I’m naked and nothings touching my penis because if there’s anything touching it it’s uncomfortable. I haven’t wore pants in 6 months. If I have anything tight around my waste or something other than elastic shorts it absolutely kills me so tightness around waste isn’t good. Heat helps! Hot shower heating pad or whatever helps. It feels I’m sensitive to cold so that doesn’t help. It’s like if I thrust my hips forward and lean back pressure lessens I guess but if I lean forward and or bend over pressure is applied.
Once again thank you auntiejessi I feel so alone with no one helping me at all. I’m very scared and feel no one will ever fix me. I don’t leave my house hang out with my friends in over a year I’m currently on disability because I can’t move. I’m scared to move or even go to the bathroom it’s so bad :( this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had cross my life. I pray to god this will get fixed. I’m so frustrated and scared. This has changed me as a person let alone filled me with anxiety and depression. I really thank you for reaching out to me! You’ll never know how much it truly means.
If they've given you disability, do you have a diagnosis?

Listen, chronic pain changes who you are. It definitely can cause depression and anxiety. One good thing about this pandemic is that telemedicine is now widely accepted, as is therapy. You can do it by phone or video, and there are tons of options. There's TalkSpace, BetterHelp, local therapists in your area that are offering it. Research it with your insurance, and see what's covered, and reach out for help.

When this is all fixed, you'll still have depression and anxiety - these are now separate problems, so address them now.

So it hurts inside AND outside? When you wear clothing it hurts your penis and your waist?

I don't know how much stock I'd put in this one particular article, but it does make me wonder if you have a nerve issue - https://hermanwallace.com/blog/dysfunction-in-glans-penis

Here are some other things that may help - I don't know that any of it fits entirely -



Maybe try a neurologist? It seems like that's the one thing you haven't tried? But with things hurting in and out, maybe that could be it? I'm not a doctor, just trying to dig through possibilities here.
It doesn’t hurt my waist but putting pressure on my waist cause pressure unbearable pressure on my penis pulling it literally inside my body and yes my penis is very idk sensitive (raw like) my veins aren’t normal and seem darker/larger. It’s like someone is cutting off the circulation to the tip of my penis. Idk if I told you but I smoked since I was idk 16 and when all this happened I was trying everything but just over a month ago I quit cold turkey and within a few days the pain did lessen like 15-20% so in my head I automatically think blood flow!
My diagnosis is lumbar canal stenosis but it’s incorrect because well I’ve seen multiple neurosurgeons and they are certain that’s not causing the problem and everything looks fine.
And it’s mostly internal but if something is putting pressure on it it’s def not enjoyable at all so I readjust myself.
It’s just crazy because my penis is raw severe pain and my testicles do have pain every so often but mostly tingle. Upper right thigh will kill me randomly and back where my kidney is also but all right side.
I wish I could help you more. Maybe it is vascular.

Google chronic pelvic pain syndrome. That's the only thing left I think I haven't mentioned. Other than that, I'm kind of tapped out. :(
And info is good info! I appreciate you so much and thank you!
*any info is good info
Have you googled chronic pelvic pain syndrome? Looked at any of the other links I gave you? I don't have much else, unfortunately. :(
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