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Sex 3 weeks ago and within 24 hours erection problems 26 male!

Hi I had sex a few weeks ago and within 24 hours I had erection problems and testes shrunk . I did a gonorrea and chlamedia test both were negative . I had blood in my urine +3 not seen by the naked eye.
The doctor could see no infection so she made me do a kidney function blood test. The kidney blood test was fine . So I read online that blood can give me a Uti. I visit the doctor again and she gave me Nitrofurantoin antibiotics and after taking them once, instantly my erections returned and tests returned to normal size -I am taking 100mg twice in a day . The next day I woke up and my erections were gone again and testes shrunk, I took Nitrofurantoin and nothing is happening . I’m so scared I have phoned 111 and told them this and they told me to
Go to my doctor again - the doctor said she gave me antibiotics already and refused to see me ! Please help - I believe I need a stronger antibiotic or a higher dose
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