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Shrinking Penis

I have posted here before, but I feel that I must be persistent.  I am 29 years old, and have been impotent for about 2 years now.  2 years ago, I was absolutely fine.  I could have sex as many times as I wanted to.  3 times a night would be no problem.  I woke up with erections, and if I didn't have sex I would masturbate in the morning and before I went to bed.  

It is a different story now however.  No morning wood.  No libido.  If I am able to get an erection it doesn't last long.  Visual stimuli has no effect, I have to use my hand and that doesn't work very well.  When flacid, my penis is smaller now.  The skin feels different--less sensitive.  I see veins where I couldn't see any before.  When I walk around, it feels like I don't even have a penis anymore.  It feels like nothing is there.  As a result of this I have lost my girlfriend, my confidence in life, and I think I am losing my mind.  Oral drugs don't help.  

I've been to urologists at an ivy leage teaching hospital. He basically said 'that's life' and showed me penis pumps.  I really don't know why I am typing this message, as I don't think there is anything anyone can really do.  I am beyond the point of losing hope.  I quite honestly do not want to live like this anymore.  

My only questions are:
a.  Why & how did this happen?
b.  Is there any way to fix it?

If you know a doctor, please forward this to him/her because I really need help.  Thank you.
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Until you find a doctor who will give you better advice, I can only say that I know of two men age 40 and 60 with similar symptoms. Both of them drink quite a lot of alcohol daily and one of them has also consumed tons of beef throughout life in an area where cows are still raised with estrogen. He also developed prostate problems. What I`m getting at is that you might have too much estrogen in your system or maybe it is a side effect of any medication. And, oh yes, anti-depressants will do that to you too. I hear your despair and you`re too young to beat yourself up about this for the rest of your life. Find a different doctor.
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I have the exact same condition that you have. Until now I thought I might be the only person with this problem because I couldn't find information diagnosing my symptoms. I'm 21 and about 3 months ago I noticed the change. Probably was happening gradually over a few weeks until I finally noticed. Like you, I no longer have morning wood. I have some libido, but not nearly as much as before the problem. When flaccid I'm much smaller now and I'm literally going crazy because it feels like I don't have anything down there. I am able to get an erection, but not nearly as easily as before. Also, they don't last very long and aren't as impressive. Measuring, I've only lost .25 inch in length but an entire 1.5 inches in girth when arroused! (I used to be pretty well endowed) I also can't get them from visual stimuli anymore. I've had blood testing done and nothing has indicated that I should have any problems. I am perplexed as to what caused/is causing this and am desperate for a solution. I have to literally try everyday to prevent it from making me go insane. I'm in college and I don't drink or go out much anymore because I feel so inadequate, and obviously my sex life is a joke now. I am scheduled to see a urologist in 3 weeks and am trying to stay optimist. I tried Viagra and it helped some, but is way too expensive to take everyday.  Not to mention that I think it is a little ridiculous for a healthy 21 year old to have to take it to have a functional penis. I am physically fit and exercise daily (have to in order to keep from getting anymore depressed about it). I have no idea what has caused this problem, but it needs to be fixed. I don't believe in suicide, but I doubt I can handle life much longer if this doesn't get fixed. I just can't enjoy things anymore. Please let me know if you find out any information on what's causing our condition, and I will gladly do the same. Good luck.
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Hey man, just read your post.  I know this seems like more than you can handle right now but have faith that everything is going to be ok.  It's such a damning thing to happen because it's so mysterious.  Just try to relax because the more worked up you get about it, the potency you do have will be diminished by the stress you're putting on yourself.  I've been dealing with some of the symptoms you've described for about 6 months.  I'm 26 and thank God above that I have a woman that loves me for me.  One day at a time.  Don't think about the past or the future.  Live for today.
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Thanks for the support man. I'm learning to cope with it better, I just don't want to underscore how paniced I feel. It would probably be easier to deal with if had a girlfriend for support that didn't feel any differently towards me because of my problem. Too bad I didn't see this coming or I'm sure I would have been a little more eager to find one. You said you've had this problem for six months. Any ideas as to what is causing it or how to fix it? Have/are you seeking any treatment? I just think it would be alot easier to handle if I knew it could be treated and fixed.
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I know, if we could just know what spawned it on it might give us a little bit more piece of mind.  Mine happened when I was in Asia.  My penis just became very itchy and i put some cream on it.  Next thing I knew it was pretty lifeless with hardly any feeling of blood in the head.  I've had all the bloodtests and appointments with hotshot urologists.  I'm seeing one right now that is going to  do the Duplex ultrasound on me.  They think it's my prostate that's causing the mayhem.  I just want an MRI of my prostate and the duplex.  I know it seems like you can read, read, read and schedule all the appointments but u never come to a knowledge of anything.  I'm just glad it works.  It's not like it used to be but it works.  It has restored a little bit since asia.  It's not as rubbery and  unresponsive.  I've got to stay positive.  What's so bothersome is even flaccid it doesn't feel right.  I used to be able to flex that PC muscle and do penis "push ups".  Now it's just like the PC muscle is atrophied.  Maybe cuz of stress.  I don't know.  Just stay positive man.
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Alright man. Not that I want anyone else to have to deal with this, but it does make me feel better that I'm not the only one that has had to suffer from this bizarre condition. Well good luck with your next appointment. Hope it works out. Let me know if they figure out what's going on.
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