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Shrinking Penis..lumpy semen.. and wierd problems.

I wanted to post this in other threads but discussions seem to be closed. so here is my problem.

My penis was 6.5" erect, and I used to masturbate regularly, never had problems with erections, nothing at all. However I have had slight gynaecomaestia..only slight, its coz I have had high fat body percentage, and I guess all the aromatase converts the excess testosterone into estrogen..nyway, i had no problems with my penis..Untill...

GYM INCIDENT: I vividly remember..one day when I was working on my legs in the gym, and I know which exercise caused it, it was the REVERSE LEG CURL, I pushed it too  hard, and I felt a distinct cramp/pull on my back thigh, near my ***.I went home and to my shock i saw that my penis had retracted, IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED before.it was like a retracted spring and even the thickness was reduced greatly.The tip of my penis was swollen and it looked ugly and embarassing.

1)Now that very day after working out, I woke up 8 times in the night to pee-frequent urination.The frequent urination problem continued for a good 6 months or so.and i still get a short spells of it. At times I pee in short intervals. I feel I havent peed completely.

2) My penis size is not gud.. when flaccid , it retracts any time anyplace, like its got a mood of its own. It retracts after workout and in shower, and occasionally anywhere, and when i am out working, it is almost always, permanently retracted to child proportions.

3) the wierdest of all problems: Right after I have taken a ****, my penis retracts like crazy, its the worst.This problem has been there since the very first day: the gym incident.The length and the girth is akin to baby size.I feel like killin my self.it looks so ugly, with the tip swollen, and penis shrivelled.this doesnt impact me hugely but puts so much doubt in my mind. is the bowell movement affecting blood flow..whats going on..did i rupture something during the gym incident..so it really worries me sick.

4) ever since the first day, my semen has changed, from being all white, to lumpy yellowish, especially when I havent masturbated for a while, and when its white(if i had masturbated recently)-it is not all white. it is flaky..white.

5) the erect size has gone done by an inch, I am 5" at best, its not bad, but its very soft..

6) My erections are soft.it is not what it used to be, penis points downwards and real soft erections...

7) another wierd problem, when I am in the shower and fantasizing, it seems as if my penis is trying hard to get erect but cant,the erection then is 3" at best.only when i watch porn and oill it up does it go to 5 and its still somewhat soft.

8) I have premature ejaculation issues as well, since due to anxiety, and 'checking' or running 'self diagnostic' by masturbating.


i have been to two urologists and one endocrinologist. They did the usual blood test routine, checking my T levels which came out all normal, did a semen analysis, which showed a minor drop in sperm level. One urologist noticed my veins were inflated, so thats why he sent me to do a semen analysis, he didnt do anything after that.They dismissed it off as being something in my head. when I told one urologist about the shrinking penis problem, immidiately after taking a ****, he asked me this: "how does that effect you?" . how hard is it to imagine that it causes anxiety in the paitient, when ur body does something, which it didnt used to before..anyway, that was enough for me to stop seeing doctors, and just hope it gets well on its own, and just learn to live with it.. =(

any help wud be appreciated.. i dont know what to do....I even thought about suicide many times..

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thanks for the replies guys.sorry for my late reply.No there is no loss of sensitivity.Is it betetr to contact a men's clinic that specializes in such problems or just go see a urologist in a good hospital?
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   I also feel ( not a doctor's opinion) that something has affected the blood circulatory system to that organ. Do you feel any pain or any loss of sensitivity in the connected area? You could probably contact a good physician with all your medical records and get his opinion with regard to the circulatory system.
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You need to take rest and don't think about your penis for a long time.Don't do those leg curl again. I would suggest you to do running or swimming if you are concerned for your legs. Relax , your penis is still getting hard, it hasn't stopped responding. Don't be so much lost in your penis. There are more important things in life than sex. Sex is not all about your penis. Its about your partners vagina. Keep it in mind. Maybe you need some long rest and eventually you would recover.
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