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Slight constant burning sensation at the end of my penis


I have had a sexual encounter last Friday and for a brief moment (two seconds) I penetrated unprotected. No other risk occurred (no oral sex or penetration). Within 12 hours I started to experience a burning sensation at the end of my penis, but no other symptoms. Sometimes it does not burn at all, and it does not burn at all when I urinate. There are no physical signs of an STD or fungus on my penis. I went to see a doctor, he took samples with a swab and performed an analysis under the microscope right away. He did not see any bacteria. I did a urine test which was negative. The doctor claimed that this still might be chlamydia and gave me antibiotics but I feel unsure as (i) the penetration was really brief (i know that this is still a risk, but still lower than a full time sexual encounter); (ii) none of the tests showed any bacteria present; (iii) symptoms are not the usual symptoms of chlamydia and (iv) the incubation period should be generally longer. I know this does not exclude anything, but I am still not persuaded that I have chlamydia (the doctor agreed that this is not gonorrhea or syphilis) and would be grateful for any thoughts on this.
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