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Slight pain experienced whilst urinating and ejaculating, possible causes?

To preface, I am a sexually active and the last time I had sex was well over a month ago, which unfortunately wasn't protected via condom. The girl I had relations with has never suffered any sorts of STDor the like symptoms and has gone on to have sex with an associate of mine two weeks ago, who reported no STD like symptoms after his encounter as well. I suffer from HSV 1 orally (cold sores). About a month ago I suffered a cold sore outbreak that devolved into an impetigo infection, both of which cleared up about two weeks ago. I also very recently noticed a mildly sized bump that appeared at the base of my penis after shaving (did not resemble a herpes-type sore: only one bump, no blistering or anything herpes like.) I assume this is a ingrown hair, which I have experience before and is what it seems like. I have a active cold sore at the moment too, most likely due to lack of sleep from college. Along with all of these other things, I have just recently started a creatine regiment, which has led me to believe I am not as hydrated as I should be. Finally, I will admit I do masturbate frequently.

Now to the actual problem. A few days ago I felt what seemed to be a singular small bump just inside the head of penis in the urethra. Upon visual inspection, no signs of anything can be seen although it does seem to be more inflamed than normal. It is very occasionally slightly irritating on its own, however whilst peeing or ejaculating there is a slight stinging that goes away very quickly. Nothing too painful, at most a rating of a 2 on a scale from 1-10. The underside of the head of my penis shows a red line from the opening of the urethra to the base of the head. The opening also appears to be more irritated than normal. There has been no noticeable discharge, but the opening does seem to always be secreting a clear fluid that does not dry or scab over. I also feel the need to pee quite often, although I don't always actually pee. The lymph nodes under my armpits are also swollen.

After some research I have seen diagnoses ranging from a UTI to urethral herpes. As you may be able to tell I'm most worried about the possibility of herpes. Is it possible that I may have urethral herpes either from self contamination of HSV1 or HSV2 via intercourse? Or is it more likely that there is another cause for the discomfort such as a UTI or being too dehydrated? Thanks for your insight and I do plan to go see a professional if the symptoms do not subside soon.
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