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Slight pubic area discomfort on the left-hand side when walking/standing

    Age: 27
    Sex: male
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 89kg
    Race: caucasian
    Duration of complaint: 6 days
    Location (Geographic and on body): Europe; around ~1cm up from the base of the penis and then 1cm to the left
    Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): none
    Current medications (if any): none

So this is a problem I've been having for the past few days - it came out of the blue basically. So in a spot around 1cm up from the base of the penis and then 1cm to the left ([NSFW: highlighted it on a photo I found online](https://i.imgur.com/3Stecpy.png)) I have a painful spot which sometimes causes light pain/discomfort/slight itching inside when walking or standing (veery rarely when I'm sitting down you feel even slighter discomfort). It's very slight but you definitely feel it's not comfortable. The area is not swollen, it's not red, not anything of that kind, you can't feel anything extraordinary there - however, I can pinpoint a spot that's painful perfectly with my finger but even then I need to press it pretty firmly at a specific angle or it won't be painful. I've tried doing various motions with my leg/body to trigger it (jumping jacks, jumping, running, bendind and twisting it in weird directions or across my body, doing squats, what have you) but to no avail. Hell, after it started I even went for a run thrice and had no problems with it. And yet, sometimes getting in and out of a car a few times and walking for a few minutes is enough to trigger it.

It basically feels like I hit myself with something in that spot (which is not the case), it's the same kind of dull "inside" pain. I'm an avid runner, and have been for years, so first I suspected that but I'm not sure as I'm during my offseason now, doing pretty light and short runs (~4,5h/week, certainly had "better" periods for any stress injuries, like preparing for a marathon for example). A new habit I took up on in the past weeks is guitar (started in January but my practice is now longer and more consistent) which I now spend basically an hour a day/every other day on, in a position I don't (and have never) sit in otherwise (my legs noticeably to the left, my upper body straight so that the guitar doesn't slide around, like [this](https://pickupmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/posture.jpg) but even more twisted) so I thought about this causing new tensions to my body, too. Other than that, nothing has been out of the ordinary during the past days or weeks. I did not strain myself, did not carry anything heavy, did not do anything new.

What could that be? Because of the covid situation, the queues to the doc's are enormous around here + I'd rather not stand in that line of flu-symptom people for a few hours if I don't need to so I'd rather first try and see if I can simply fix it myself, with resting for example. So far, I just decided to stop running (so I haven't run for the past 3 days and am not planning to till the end of the week). What else should I try? What may the problem even be? Muscle strain, pinched nerve?
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Is the pain you feel in that small area you circled on the pic, or does it extend from that area where it's centered?

When you press the spot that you've pinpointed, do you feel any lumps?

I wonder if you have a hernia, but you don't mention a lump or bulge - https://www.healthline.com/health/hernia#symptoms

It could easily be a pulled muscle or pinched nerve.

Any pain with urination? Urgency? More frequency? Any burning?

I understand not wanting to go to the doctor right now, so maybe just rest for the rest of the week, and see how you feel. If you get a fever, any swelling, if the pain increases or changes (sharp pain, stabbing pain, etc.), you start vomiting or get diarrhea - then get prompt medical attention.
Thank you for your response. To answer the quesitons:

When pressing, the pain is only in the small area I highlight. When it starts being painful during walking, it does extend a bit - you can still feel the "center" is where I highlighted but you feel the discomfort slightly radiating both towards the leg and towards the scrotum.

Nope, no lumps whatsoever. Pressed it from every conceivable angle and it's smooth and exactly the same as the symmetrical point on the right-hand side.

Worried about it being a hernia too but no lumps or bulges.

No pain during urination whatsoever, no changes to the frequency, no burning at all.

Does that sound like anything in particular to you? Or would you say that for the time being a simple muscle pull/pinched nerve is the most probable cause?
For now, without any other symptoms, I'd say it's a good chance that it's muscular or a nerve.

But pay attention - not obsessively, but note if you get a fever (always good to do now anyway), any new or sharp pains, nausea, vomiting, etc. Make sure you're hydrated, too.

Let us know how you're doing!
Sure will, thanks a lot for your message! One question if I may - do you mean the fever/nausea observing as a kind of a general precaution so as not to downplay or let any suspicious symptoms seep through unnoticed, or is it because my description also fits something more serious which you would suspect?
Oh sorry - definitely the first. I don't really suspect anything serious. Like you, my first thought was a hernia, but you don't have the bulge. I only said the rest so that you don't wait on any serious symptoms that may arise should this turn into something else that I'm not thinking of.

OK, got it! Thank you very much! :)
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