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Slow Healing After Adult Circumcision?

Hi, so I am now 19 years old, and I got circumcised two years ago, when I was 17, because I had phimosis.
Though the scarred area should be long healed by now, I think mine has been very slow. It is still a little red, especially when I get erections, and there are still marks from the stitches.

I would like to change this and make it fully blended, and I was wondering how can I do this?
I did use an antiseptic cream for a while, till I later found out that this can slow the healing process. Could this be the main reason?

Also, if I use Vaseline petroleum jelly, would that be helpful at this point.
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Lest you think that last was just a smutty joke, I am saying that if you are worried about how your penis looks, versus it being raw or open or anything like that, I'm saying don't worry about how it looks!  As a female, if my boyfriend had told me he had a scar on his penis, it would not be a turn-off at all but would be interesting.  Not even neutral, but intriguing.  Don't worry about the appearance.
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Hi from what you have said i would put nothing on it at all let the wound dry up then a small scab will appear sign of healing , keep area dry after cleaning twice daily , take care
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Are you saying it is still a raw wound, or are you saying that the healed area still shows as a red line?  If the former, go see your doc or a dermatologist.  If the latter, just try to be patient.  I think my appendix scar and my C-section scar both took at least that long to stop being quite red in color, despite being healed (in that they were no longer open or sore or raw).  I would think that (unless it hurts) you should be able to get good use out of it, just tell your numerous girlfriends that it would feel better if they kissed it.  :)
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