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Small Tears On My Penis Wont Heal

So here's how it started. My girlfriend and I or 2 years are very sexual people. A couple months ago, we were starting to have sex but she wasn't fully "ready" yet (not wet enough). We were so into it tho that we tried anyway, and after enough time we got going pretty good. Once we were finished I noticed that around the base of the head of my penis and around the shaft there were tiny horinzontal tears, a few of which were slightly bleeding. So, right off the bat i know my problem is from that. However, since then everytime my girlfriend and I have sex they re-open in the same spots. We've waited as much as 3 weeks for the healing process, but it seems no matter how long we wait, they just reopen. They dont necessarily hurt all that much, but they tend to sting right after. I've tried a number of differnt remedies from Neosporin, to Vitamin E gel, to Bandaid cut stuff to hydoperoxide (which tends to be my test to see if they are still open (fizzing and stinging and that means they are still open). Ive even resorted to blistex. Nothing seems to fix this. any suggestions out there. We now ALWAYS use some sort of Lube (KY gel or Wet) but it doesnt seem to help. this is really killing our sex life and i can tell she is getting very frustrated with the whole thing as am i. Frankly im afraid to have sex even when they LOOK healed. like i said before we are VERY sexual people and im afraid this is going to hurt our relationship ALOT. Thanks in advance.
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If you haven't already tried this, please do.

Use a prelubricated condom for a couple of months (yes, months).  The condom itself will absorb some of the friction rather than the skin of your penis, as the condom moves slightly during intercourse-rather than the skin moving so much.  This will help protect your delicate skin while it may have a chance to heal.  It takes a LONG time for this skin to heal.

Be sure though, that you go to the doctor and describe your problem.  Don't be embarrased.  Quit putting ANYTHING on it.  Just the lubed condom for sex, and be sure your g/f uses plenty of lube herself.  Stop putting other things on it, and stop looking at it so much.
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actually, thats all we use is pre-lubed condoms.. and we add the extra.. but it still tore last time.. i even put a little extra lube on the inside of the condom as well. do you think the sex should stop until properly healed? but when could that be?? the whole thing just frustrates me (and her) to no end...
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Well then I think you'll have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor.  Could you possibly be allergic to latex?  Has this ever happened to you with prior partners?  This happens every single time you have sex?  
Don't put anything on the tears and show them to a doctor.
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A friend of mine had the same problems. You have to leave it for a few months (without sex) and the tears will eventually heal. You may notice where the the tears were that the skin has gone lighter which is normal, it's a type of scar.
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hi...me and my boyfreind are going throught the same thing at the moment i think, although we dont havea def start like you...
erm, peopl come into office now so i will post later, but we have been going through this for ages, nearly two years and once, we too were very sexual peop, we have waited three months on the promise it would heal but not yet, i think the original scar tissue must be vounerable, in whivch case we dont know what to do,they just offer cicumcision!
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i had a similar problem right after i started dating my last girlfriend.......i thought maybe she'd used her teeth during oral sex at first, and it was initially a long distance relationshiop...so every week or so we'd see each other and i thought it just wasnt able to heal having sex...but soon began to think something wasnt making sense.  i had a cut right below the head of my penis on top of the shaft.  we always used condoms, but im a paranoid guy.  then she told me she was using the nuvaring for birth control...and she had switched during to it while with her last partner, and hadn't had any issues.  but it clearly was hurting me during sex.  she switched to the pill (though she hated it) and it took a long time for me to completely heal...we waited as much as weeks at a time hoping i would be completely healed, but once we would start having sex again the place where i had been cut would start to reopen...esp if we started having alot of sex (we were very active-so this was a major pain)..she even became very frustrated with me about it, but all i could do was put bacitratin on it and wait.  finally it healed to the point we could have our normal sex life...but it took forever.  at that time i had found a women's health message board about the nuvoring, and several women said that they're husbands found it painful during sex...esp ones who said that their husbands had a large penis or like to penetrate very deep during sex.

however, even after she and i broke up and i thought i was completely healed  (ive only had sex once during the last 4 months, but i masturbate often more than once a day)...i was recently messing around with someone where there was alot of kinda 'grinding' or 'heavy rubbing' through my clothes...and i noticed later that night that all that rubbing through my jeans must have slightly reopened a cut right in the same spot.  

is this always going to be a problem?  or is it going to take even longer for those scars to completely regenerate that tissue?  seems like it shouldn't be an issue now.
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I am a 19 year old hispanic male, i am having a very similar problem. It started a while back me and my g/f where having sex and either she was not as wet as she needed to be or it was the movement that i had made but my penis tore right under the head. it as the size of half a rice grain but it felt like my penis completely tore off. Ever since that day i never healed. I have used many products from Neosporin to Hydrogyne Peroxide to Rubbing Alcohol to Listerine. After a couple of days i have checked it and it seems to be healed and there is no pain so i would have sex with my g/f and it would reopen and i would be in excrutiating pain. We would wait a week or so to let it heal and nothing happens. I really need to know what to do. If there is anyone out there who can help please let me know.
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I also have the same problem, and it seems to be a problem that lots of men have. I've stopped masturbating and I use lots of ultra healing skin moisturizer which seems to help. Still at night while I'm sleeping I can't help what happens, and erections and such cause the wounds to re-open. I wonder if Vitamin E supplements would help at all with the skin regeneration? It would be nice if a physician would post again on this thread with some good general advice for this problem.
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Pleased that I have found this site, this issue has been driving me mad. I have a small cut, top side, half way along. It happened so long ago I dont remember how. Ive been to see my doctor, and despite telling him it has been there over two years and reopened many times, he just seemed clueless. That was 18 months ago, it heals, then often during the night - or strangeley - after having had a beer or three, the next morning theres an itch or sting, and its opened again. it is about 4mm long now and very alarming. A cut reopening over 4 years without much provocation is not normal surely? cant plastic surgeons do something? Im very close to going to see a specialist... im sure being circumsised aggravates the situation because its as if night erections are enough to stretch it open. I dont have sex much any more (sniff) but the problem happens anyway! someone revive this thread with some more info please!!!
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It's been 7 years for me with the same problem. Horizontal tears under the head toward the top of the shaft. I have gone to to the doctors plenty of times to no avail. It still bleeds from a little to a lot during sex and sometimes when I masturbate.
I have read all of you guys problems i have the same symptoms small tear horizontal for 2 years  now .i have seen doctors military ones with no help or solutions , but i just want to ask a question ,  does any of you guys that have this symptom has sensitive skin in the face or burns easily with the sun?
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Ok so now I'm freaked, i have a horizontal cut that will not heal for the past maybe month or so, it almost heals then when I have sex or masturbate, BAM its back again. I stopped all sexual activity for a little over a week and I thought it was fully healed but when I had sex it re-opened.... reading that this has been going up upwards of 7 years with some guys really freaks me out!!! I find myself avoiding possible sex with girls because I don't want them to think I have some crazy STD or I'm addicted to masturbation, I really don't want to have to hide my **** for years!!!!
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are all you guys circumsized???  I am and what it seems to me is that the skin below the head of our penis is very thin and i don't think theres a damn thing we can do about it.  i would get a similar sore there too if my girl and i had sex when she wasnt warmed up and sloppy wet.  or if she jerked me off dry.  
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