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Small bumps under foreskin on bottom side of penis

I have 2-3 small bumps, almost  like irritation on the bottom side of my Penis head.  They are right where the Foreskin covers and they are hard to find unless I am erect.  I noticed them about 2 months ago.  They don’t hurt and they don’t itch.  I do not have any pain urinating.  I only notice them when I have lots of sex then they are a little  painful during.  If I refrain from sex that seem to get better.  I also notice they become more prevalent after I wear a condemn.  My urine will also smell like the condemn for a few days.  Is this an std or Is it over use? Or something else
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Can someone please help with this?  I’m freaking out
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This is not a chat room, and questions are answered by volunteers when they are available.  There is no need to post asking for an answer after such a short period of time.  We appreciate your patience.
I see.  Thanks
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If you've been sexually active, you could certainly go do some tests for STDs, but it kind of sounds like this little pimple-looking thing my husband got once on his penis. The doctor shrugged at it, and gave him some medicine in a little tube, and he used it on the bump until it went away. It was truly no big deal.

See your doc, but try not to freak out. :-)
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Don't know what kind of condom you are using, but do you have a latex allergy?  It's a problem, because some of the things they make condoms out of don't protect as well against HIV, such as lambskin.  But if you have a relationship with someone who is monogamous with you as much as that is ever possible to truly know, and she's on birth control, you could try not using condoms and see if it goes away.  Or you could abstain from intercourse and just do other forms of sex for a couple of weeks and see if goes away.  That might tell you if you are allergic to the latex, and need to find an alternative.  But to truly know, you'd have to have it looked at by someone who knows how to diagnose such things as it might be something else entirely, such as pimples or other benign growths.
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