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Small white bumps on my balls and base and back of my penis

Okay, so i'v had these bumps for as long as i can remember, they never itch, they just concern me, i am not sexually active, and have never been tested for and std. Please, can someone explain these unsightly bumps i also have one large bump, which i am scared may be a sign of an std. I will upload a photo of the bump, at request for a better understanding of my situation. PLEASE HELP ME
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Most likely they're sebacious cysts, little infections of the oil glasnds that surround each hair. They're fairly common on any area of the body that hair grows on. Most often they're painless and they can hang around for a long time. Also, there are no STDs that cause this type of symptom.

They're fairly easy to get rid of although it can take a long time.
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I just said this the other day to someone... Most likely fordyce... Fordyce is very common and not harmful or detrimental in any way. If you want definite answers upload a picture, but I don't think it's worth concerning yourself with.

All the best.
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