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Soft erections, can't hold 'em, and delayed ejaculation

I am 27 years old, and I have been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for about six years.  I can honestly say that I have not ever performed sex, successfully.  Up until the age of 21, I feel I was fine.  I dated different women during that time, but the relationships didn't go that far (but they were oral).  When my gfriend at the time performed oral on me, I was totally fine with no problems.  The first time I attempted sex, I was 21 and with a girlfriend (who I wasn't fully attracted to).  It failed on me, but I brushed it off as me not being really attracted to her.  A few months later, with another girlfriend whom I was very attracted to, it failed yet again.  This has been going on for years, with many attempts with eight different women (some were girlfriends, some were vacation flings).  My ED problems include not being able to erect 100 percent, not being able to sustain it, and delayed ejaculation.  

I am in a very great relationship with a super-attractive and supportive girlfriend, but I feel terrible that I can't satisfy her.  I know it bothers her that we can't have sex as she is ("was") a very sexual and passionate girl.  I feel as if my ED is lowering the quality of her relationship.  I have accepted my ED, but I feel for her.  I went to my family doctor, and he brushed it off as nothing.  I went to a Men's Clinic, and they prescribed me Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.  These help in somewhat sustaining it, but not really.  It is my libido that is the real issue, I think, and according to the Clinic, they say my penile blood flow is totally fine.  They checked my hormones, and the results, according to them, are fine too:

Testosterone-Free: 42.6 (Range: 31-94 PMOL/L)
Thyrotropin (sensitive TSH): 1.26 (Range: 0.35 - 5.00 MIU/L)
Lutropin (LH): 4 (Range: 2 - 6 IU/L)
Prolactin: 11 (Range: 2 - 18 UG/L)
Glucose-fasting: 4.2 (Range: 3.6 - 6.0 MMOL/L)
Creatine: 94 (Range: 60 - 125 UMOL/L)
eGFR: 95

I asked for them to further test my hormones, such as DHT, Total and Bioavailable Testosterone, DHEA, Estradiol, Estrone, SHBG, etc....but they said that this is the standard test that they do, and that testing the rest of these hormones is unnecessary.  I voiced my displeasure my asking them how they can possibly believe that a man in his mid-20s who has ZERO history of any drug use, smoking, and poor diet could be recommended to just use sex drugs on a basis (Levitra being the only one that kinda works).  He just said that it was psychological, and that's that.  

I can understand that, but I wake up every morning to ZERO erections.  I never get spontaneous erections, and even when I mastrubate, my penis still fails on me!  It gets hard, sometimes it can get to full erections, but quickly subsides and then it ejaculates a lot later, after it already becomes flacid.  I want to go to a urologist, as I think it's more than just performance anxiety.  But I simply don't think the urologist will tell me anything different than what the Men's Clinic has told me.  I am seeing a Homeopath, it's good to talk to him, but I don't know if he can help me either.  

What disease could this possibly be?  Peyrone's?  When I mastrubate, many times, I am not feeling it.  I ejaculate with no pleasurable feeling many times, and a lot of times I don't feel much as I am thrusting.  Could it be nerve damage?  I am circumsized since birth, so that could be an issue.  I'm out of options.    
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did you look at the ED forum ? there is a doc answering over there !  x x
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> I am circumsized since birth, so that could be an issue.

Yes, that's something to think about. Circumcision affects and in some cases can ruin your sex life. It was/is used as a means to control the male sexuality. For a very interesting article on these issues see here:


although I am not sure if it really helps now to read it. It may help though at the psychological level by providing you with some directions to think about and by making you conscious about the risks so that you try to convince people you know to avoid this practice.
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men try to excercise let it go for a month continous excercise. Jogging is effective as well as cycling. i agree with you it is a nerve damage were same situation. just obseve what would happen after a month. if you are high sugar its a cause too your sexual organ is connected to your intestin and bladder if you are full always the abdomenal muscle would be always tired of doing its job perhaps diet is also a big factor try to jaculate after a month and find out if you have improve if not then go to you endoctrinologist so he can help you further before trying urologist.
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Do you wear tight underwear/jeans, and/or do you bicycle a lot?  These things can exacerbate ED by restricting blood flow to the penis.

I had a similar situation to yours.  My penis has always been a little numb, to the point where I have to have stimulation at the base of my penis in order to climax.  This has been hell on my past lovers when they performed oral sex, because they could not get me off by just stimulating the top of my shaft, but have to go down all the way.

My wife noticed that I have extensive scarring from my (right-after-birth) circumcision, and she wonders if a botched circumcision has damaged my penile nerves.  Since you are circumcised, it could be the same issue.

I agree that to a certain point this is psychological, because you certainly are thinking about it.   But I do think there is some physical problems as well.  Your readings all look normal, although your TSH appears to be low normal.  Have you had your thyroid levels checked?  They should check out your T3 and T4 reads in order to rule out hyperthyroidism (associated with low-normal TSH).  Very doubtful that would lead to your symptoms, but that's something that I noticed on first pass, and might be worth checking into.

You are doing the exact right things, going to doctors to get this evaluated.  It's definitely not all in your head.  Try another family doctor to see if that other doc can perhaps get you the tests you need.  

In the meantime, try to relax as much as you can with your g/f during sex play.  Play around with kissing, touching, heavy petting, etc., and don't concentrate on getting hard enough to penetrate her - if it happens, it happens.  If she gets impatient, produce a dildo and use it on her.  Remember, women come much faster from clitoral stimulation than from penetrative intercourse - tease her pleasure button, and you'll be rewarded.  

And when she's not there, experiment with masturbation - see if a lotion helps.  See if a looser grip helps, see if the other hand helps, etc.  It's very possible you are masturbating too hard, and that's damaging the nerves.  Sounds silly, I know, but it could be the case!

Anyway, good luck, let us know how things turn out.

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Thanks all.  I've begun a homeopathic regimen for now.  A detox kit to clear my body of any toxins, then some nerve tonics, male gland stimulants, and anti-anxiety remedies.  If this system doesn't improve my situation, then I'm going to go to a doctor and force them to give me another blood test, or go to a urologist and/or endoctrinologist.  I dunno, we'll see.  
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My erections and libido have drastically improved after this regimen.  I definitely recommend anyone goes and sees a Homeopathic doctor who has experience with Erectile Dysfunction.  

Here are the products I used:

Dr. Reckeweg R19 Homeopathic Medicine
Dr. Reckeweg R41 Homeopathic Medicine

It's a very safe product, and you can find them in some supplement stores and online stores.  Everyone is different, so it's no a guarantee to work, but it's worth a shot.  I haven't felt like this in seven years.   I recommend Homeopathic medicine to everyone now.  Damn.   It pisses me off that these dangerous drugs like Viagara are advertised so much on tv, but these cheap, quality remedies are nowhere to be seen.  Good luck everyone!  I'm out of here.

email me at mirkofilipovic12 at hotmail for any more info.  
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