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Spermatic Cord, help!

Hi guys, So basically I don't have major pain just a weird feeling like pressure or a slight heavy feeling around my left testicle and groin area.

slight pain in my left leg (don't know whether they are connected) and also the pressure type feeling radiates into my lower abdomen on the left and hip (I've been told pain with testicles radiates up to lower abdomen and hip/back).

I've done the self examination numerous times and found no abnormal lumps on my testicles. The only thing I can feel is the spermatic cord feels slightly swollen and a little bit more sensitive than the right one, it's not much more painful to the touch than my right one, it's mainly just that I can feel this pressure/heavy feeling.

Doctor is out of the question at the moment so can anyone who has had this or similar or knows anything about it PLEASE give me some help on what it is or what you think it might be?

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HI, everyone, three months ago i had testicular pain, i went to a walk in clinic, the doctor put me on antibiotics that didn't help for a week, after a week i did the ultrasound, nothing was found. The doctor said everything is fine.after a while i went to see another doctor who diagnosed me with epididymitis and he put me on different antibiotics again nothing helped. but now i can only see my left spermatic cord not the right one, and it sometimes swell, with that between two of my testicles also start swelling. my spermatic cord is a little bit sensitive.

any advice is apreciable. thanks
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Another update: My doctor got my urine sample back and said he found no infection, but he did find some traces of blood in there. He didn't seem too worried about it though, just told me to go on with my antibiotics and maybe follow it up in a few months.

He said maybe in a month do another urine test and if its still there they may do an ultrasound to see if there is anything there, I said Is this something I should be worried about and he said "no, not now", and seemed pretty relaxed about it.

The fact that he pretty much said just to wait a few months then follow it up shows me he's not overly alerted by it.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Just an update:

I went to the doctor today, he examined my groin and testicles, he felt no lumps and no major swelling, he thinks it might be Epididymitis. He prescribed me some antibiotics and told me to get a urine sample for him.

He also did the cough test where he felt around different areas of my groin and told me to cough, he said on the left side he felt a bit of an impulse, but he didn't seem overly concerned about it, he said to get the urine sample in and take the antibiotics and if it hasn't cleared up within a week to come back and he might do an ultrasound.
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Slight dull ache around testicle, groin, left leg area.

Slightly swollen and sensitive spermatic cord (cord connected to the testicle).

A feeling or pressure of heaviness around groin, testicle, abdomen and hip area.

Slight stinging/burning type sensation in the spermatic cord and up near where it goes up into my torso area.

and maybe a slight bit of excess fluid around testicle.


No abnormal lumps on testicles or spermatic cord.

No loss of appetite.

No Nausea.

No BAD pain.

From what I have read It sounds like I have some sort of infection, maybe bacterial. Anyone know what this might be?
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