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Sports Injury

Yesterday, I was playing tennis and a ball hit me in the testicles. I was nauseous and in extreme pain, and the pain lasted (but wasn't as bad) well into the evening. Today, my right testicle appears to be about a centimeter lower than it was yesterday, and it is significantly swollen. It aches a little, but the pain is not nearly as bad as it was. What should I do?
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Ah, okay, thanks for the advice. Since there is still swelling and a low (but present) amount of pain, I just wanted to figure out if I was worrying too much or too little about the situation. Thanks again for the advice though.
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Ibprofen, tylonol , and Ice, take it very easy today, and if the swelling hasnt gone down in a few days then seek med treatment! No worries mate, it wont fall off!
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