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Sticky/tacky groin area and scrotum

This began around a year ago and I think stems from a rash I had in my groin area (not jock itch). My GP prescribed Econazole. I used it for a couple weeks and the rash went away. But then this sticky/tacky condition started. I have been to the dermatologist a few times and have been told it was intertrigo. It is not as my skin is clear and no redness. I am a healthy 34 year old and do not have any weight issues etc.

They told me to use some powders such as zeasorb AF and gold bond. They also prescribed Fluticasone to use once a day for 3 weeks. They powders help for very short term but the feeling comes right back. The cream didn't seem to do anything.

I am lost as to what this is but am miserable with it. From reading several posts on here it seems this is a very common problem but there doesn't seem to be any solution. Has anyone had luck with a diagnosis or treatment for this?
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This lists some differential diagnoses for intertrigo - conditions that are similar that should be ruled out or considered when diagnosing intertrigo:

"The differential diagnosis (other conditions that resemble intertrigo) include familial pemphigus, hidradenitis suppurativa, inverse psoriasis, staphylococcal or streptococcal impetigo, and seborrheic dermatitis. Group A strep can cause a rare form of streptococcal skin infection that produces a severe form of intertrigo affecting the neck creases, groin, perianal tissue, and toe webs of infants."


Have you had any actual testing on the area? Any cultures or biopsies?

Since you're getting an initial response to the cream, I'd say it at least started as fungal. Since the fluticasone cream didn't do anything, you should ask to get it swabbed and/or biopsied before they continue to just throw treatments at it that don't work.

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