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Stomach lump

Had a lump for about a year which has got bigger over this time, it is situated at the top of my stomach, in the centre, just about where the CENTRE of my rib cage ends.  I have been to a doctor who gave me a two minute examination and was told it was my bone??  I'm not sure as it can be sore and as I've said, it seems to be getting bigger.  It is a solid lump and is under the skin.  I have also found that when I have rubbed it, well, it makes me burp.  Really worried at the moment, don't want to look silly going back for a second opinion if it is infact just my bone.
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Get a second opinion and get some tests run. How does a 2 minute exam help?  get the 2nd opinion and let me know what the doc says.
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get a second opinion, it may be a ganglian, which is a sist or fatty lump, they are very common and you don't normally need to fix them i have one on my hand, it looks like bone but its a sist, they can bust it i think but doc said just leave it and it will go...

defo get a second opinion, very easy i would imagine for them to work out what it is...

could also be a hernia but would doubt it as they usually sit lower in the tummy...

see how you go will be interesting to know what they say
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my son has a similar thing ,his is the end of his sternum points outwards . if you feel down the sternum it is flat dips in then the very bottom juts out . hope this helps x x
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