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Strange cluster of bumps on penis shaft?

I have this strange cluster of bumps on my penis shaft and I'm not sure what it is.  I'm assuming it's yeast or some fungal infection. My doctor tested std's and there's nothing there.  It's been more than 12 years since I had any sex anyway but I did receive oral sex 2 years ago.  It was brief.  

Does this look like STD's or something else?  I get frequent infections from what I believe is yeast or something like that.  I have also used several creams like Kenacomb cream, antibiotic cream, clotrimazole, butenifine, terbinifine, but nothing seems to make it go away.  

Any clues as to what it is.  The picture looks like the bumps are white but they are actually the color of the skin.  It's not spreading and the bumps are shiny.  They are not sore either.  There seems to be a little trail of them as you can see.. See the photo on my profile.

I was hoping somebody could help me identify this?  Thanks
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You didn't state you've been to 7 doctors.  You mentioned your doctor testing for std's but you'd haven't had sex for 12 years and oral two years ago.  That didn't necessarily compute to visiting 7 doctors including a dermatologist. And I guess my point is that if it is yeast, something fungal as you suspect, that can be diagnosed.   The 7 doctors have offered you no explanation for the bumps?  I go back to the idea it could be psoriasis.  
People here just try to help and I'm one of those people.  
If you have bumps that numerous doctors can't figure out, that's a difficult situation.  The good thing is that other than how they look and that they bug you, they aren't causing you difficulty.  I'll leave your post to see if others can help you and I wish you the best of luck at solving the mystery of the spots.
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