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Strange drainage from abscess/blister

IV drug User, I mainlyuse Heroin. My right arm just had a abscess that burst while inshower. Drained quickly & healed quickly. However my left forearm became swollen overnight and has light red bruising patches where my last hits were. There are no streaks but have dull pain and are not hot but warm. In the middle of the crook of this arm, the same day of the swelling onset, a strange small blister came quickly and quickly burst with blood. After blood, abscess-like blister has been draining tan fluid along with tiny squishy chunky solid pieces or particles. No foul odor.  
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The warmth and swelling concerns me, as it could indicate cellulitis, which it sounds like you're familiar with since you mentioned streaks, heat, etc.

It's good that it's draining, but I have to say I don't know what the chunky pieces are.

Is there redness? Is that redness spreading?

I used to work in public health, and we had a needle exchange, so I know IV users going to the ER is not easy, but is that a possibility for you? It sounds like you need an antibiotic, at least.

If that's not a possibility, here are some things you can do to treat it yourself - https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/abscess#1

Keeping it open and draining is really important. The bacteria is leaving as it drains. Don't try to close it up, or try to get it to drain faster.

If you get a fever, red streaks, it gets hotter to the touch, your arm swells more, you get dizzy or lightheaded, please go to the ER.

If there's a needle exchange near you, please use it.

We have a wonderful Addiction forum here. I'm linking it so you'll know it's here when/if you're ready - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/show/77

If you decide to go to the ER, let me know how it goes.
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Thanks auntiejessi

The sore or blister is red and there is redness surrounding it. It’s still oozing but not really draining like it was yesterday. It’s turned a greenish brownish color now which definitely makes me feel like it’s infected. No streaking down my arms though still. And the red patches seem to be reducing and swelling is going down as well.

Thinking about going to the ER in the middle of the night tonight when it will be substantially less busy. I’ll keep you posted what they say. I feel like I definitely need some antibiotics
The redness around it can also indicate cellulitis. If you haven't yet gone to the ER, draw a circle around the redness, and if that redness spreads outside the circle, definitely go to the ER. If you have a mask, wear one to the ER.

If you went to the ER, let me know what happened. Hope you're doing okay.
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