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Sudden ED

I'm 30 years old. About 3months ago met this new girl, then we had sex( strong erection) then the next day had strong erection and suddenly it became weak and never got hard again,though had stressful day at work that day. Then I got worried when I tried relaxing I get hard and make out but it is now on and off and really getting me worried. Sometimes when I touch my sex I get hard but it's as if the more I get worried, the worse it becomes. I've checked my BP and glucose level all within normal. Most times within this 3months even with hard erection I unconsciously get worried that it won't stand in the next sexual intercourse then it happens that way and may not stand again for the act.. The thought and question of the sudden ED is draining me and getting me more worried about it and most likely worsening the situation, please I need an advise on how to move on.
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Don't feel bad, almost every guy has this problem at least once in life.  It generally goes away with time.  We can think our way into problems.  So unless you've suddenly come down with a physiological problem, unlikely at your age unless you had some kind of injury or surgery, you're just overthinking it.  You're basically killing your own buzz.  I agree with the above, what is it about this particular woman that caused you to doubt yourself?  Because it could be two completely different directions -- you like here in a way you've never liked a woman before and you're scared of losing that, or there's something about her your brain is warning you against.  Figure that out and you've got your reason, most likely.
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Thanks alot, I really appreciate. After your response haven't really had reasons to worry any more, though I know the mind can be crazy at times and trying to play tricks on me but soonest I believe everything will get back to normal since am no longer worried.

Thanks alot I do appreciate your response
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What you sound like you are dealing with is performance anxiety. Here's a link to a WebMD page on the topic:

If you've had this happen in the past on occasion, it might be that a more general anxiety sometimes affects you at a sexual moment. But if you have never had it happen before with any other partner (and you've had a lot of partners), there might be something about the relationship with this particular person that makes you feel more self-conscious or nervous, compared to before. And then, of course, worrying "will it happen again?" just makes you more self conscious and that doesn't help.

There are a lot of websites that talk about what (sexual) performance anxiety is and how to deal with it, I just posted the one above. but if you google the topic you'll find them.
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Have seen a urologist and after some questions, he made an assessment of psychogenic ED and counselled me and prescribed Cialis for 1months... I just hope I get better soon. I feel better this time though occasionally worried. Thanks you all for your kind words
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Well, okay, but he's basically saying it's psychosomatic if I get you correctly so you can either take a drug the rest of your life that like all drugs can have some bad side effects or you can seek therapy and fix the problem.  Whatever you do, here's hoping this all passes.
The prescription is for a short duration not a life time prescription.
Since I saw the specialist and  clinically assessed and found to be okay, it is quiet reassuring and am getting better sleep now and leaving better and free lifestyle though occasionally and unconsciously get worried at times but I fight the mindset and it passes with time.
I strongly believe everything will return to normal shortly.
Thanks for your response anyways, it has also been helpful
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