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Sudden Liquid Discharge from Penis

Hi, Male/23,I have a sudden discharge of liquid from penis  without any seduction or any stimulus. it just happens suddenly ,like when i am sitting , eating, reading, like when i am doing my regular work. It has been more than a month and it happens everyday, There is no smell and most of the time its colorless but sometimes i have seen white color also. Can someone help me in this Please?
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Do you have any pain? Burning? Any issues with urination? Are you sexually active?

You really should see a doctor. This could be nothing, or a UTI, or an STI.
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No there is no burning, no pain, and urination is fine, and no I am not sexually active neither have I ever been.
It might be nothing, but you should really get checked out by a doctor. That's the only way you'll know.

If you've never been sexually active, including oral sex, it can't be an STI.
Hey, can you help me in determining to which doctor do I need to go? I mean which specialist?
If you are in the US or somewhere that you need to start with your primary, just start there.

If you are somewhere that you can just call a urologist and be seen there, go to a urologist.
Thank you very much. I am outside of US and I didn't know what to do and I will try and contact a urologist as soon as possible
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