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Swelling in the lower abdomen and groin area

Hi, I am a 19 year old male and i just started going to the gym this week and i worked out pretty intense (~3h daily). two days ago i trained my abdomen pretty hard, and it was all good. next day i went again to the gym, worked out the chest, and when i came home i realised while i was in the shower that in have some huge squishy fluid or soft tissue under my lower abdomen and in the penis skin (my penis was way way bigger and soft). next morning, the swelling pretty much disappeared (about 90% of it), so i went to the gym again and worked my back muscles. while i was there, i went to the toilet to check my penis, and again, it had a huge swelling. (that was yesterday). today morning the swelling didnt seem to go back that much, so i decided to stay home and relax. throughout the day the swelling got smaller and smaller, and right now it is not that bad. my concern is that whenever i go and do some sports exercise or physical activity i get my swelling back. i have to mention that i don't feel any pain. what do you think it is? should i stay home and relax for couple of days or is it an emergency and i have to see my doctor? what should i do? please help! thank you
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This may actually have to do with the clothing you are wearing during your work out.  Yep, it can be that simple.  Wearing anything fitted?
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Well i wear the same type of boxers for years (home or gym). Also, at the gym, i wear some basic sports shorts, nothing extremely tight, so i dont know about that :(
A lot of times, swelling and such during and after a work out in genitals is from either too tight of apparel or the clothing rubbing on you.  
thanks for your comments, man. i am afraid of something worse like a inguinal hernia..
If this happens again, you should definitely get it checked out. It may be what you're wearing, so change that up and see if it helps, but definitely get other things ruled out if it keeps happening.
Guys, i took a 2day-break and everything was normal. Went to gym today and everything is alright! I hope it's gone forever! (I didnt change clothing)
Good to hear :)
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