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Swollen Ankles getting worse

My boyfriend's ankles swelled up out of the blue. There was no pain around the swelling, but on the back. I was worried about him since he has not been very active enough to sprain it or anything. He has been out of work and didn't do it on the job or anything.

We went to the ER and they did and x ray and wrapped both ankles. They said it was just tendinitis and to take some Motrin for the swelling.

Now, 2 days later the swelling is even worse. It started out really bad in just one ankle (his right) and now his left ankle is just as swelled. It looks really bad - like when I was pregnant and at the end it was really swelled. It is killing him to walk and the pills and ice packs are not working. What could be causing this sudden swelling in both ankles?
He is 38 and pretty healthy. He isn't in great shape, but not considered obese or anything. He has been off work for a couple months, but has been actively taking care of our toddler. He doesn't have the best diet which I get onto him about all the time. I'm just really worried and our health care cards can't come quick enough in the mail....
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