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Swollen meatus for two month now

Before about 3 month i had unprotected sex, and i contracted 2 std's from her (chlamydia & mycoplasma)

First they found the chlamydia and got treated for it by 4 pills at once , forgot the name of the medicine , and then i still had  symptoms so he gave me doxcylin and a urin test and they found that i have mycoplasma so he gave me a diffirent antibiotic and im std free now.
While i took the doxcylin i noticed a red circle around my meatus,and the clinic said its a reaction from the medicine , after i finished taking the doxcylin i noticed my meatus is a bit swollen , i went to the same urologist and he said its nothing to worry about and i went to a dermitologist and said its because the skin is sensetive, and the family doctor said it could be a trauma from the std's and antibiotics .... i have it for two month now and my foreskin is red in some areas , sometimed the head of the penis is red too , i see many people have this problem but no solution, also i feel burning sensation when i madturbate sometimes or after ejaculation but the burning sensation is from the skin and not urethra ... and about 3 days now i feel my testicals like want to move inside like a vacume i cant describe it ...im tired of all this problem and i regret it that i didnt put a condom

Please if you have any information what could it be i will be glad . Thank you very much
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