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TRT and relationship issues.

My husband started TRT (testosterone injections) a year ago. There was ups and downs with his levels and He’s more consistent but still not high in his levels. He even takes an estrogen pill to prevent highs. But he is battling mood swings still and is constantly upset he is not getting enough sex, which is average or better than average.  There is weekly or biweekly intense arguing. It is ruining our marriage. He was told to exercise to help the swings and he says he does at work but I don’t know for sure. Has anyone else experienced this.
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I'm sorry that has happened. The one thing I've learned is that the time to have a heart to heart is not in the heat of the moment. When it's a normal, everyone is calm time . . . that's when to bring up an issue that needs to be discussed. And this does. TRT injections are not worth having a war zone for your home. He needs to talk to his doctor. They need to look at the dose and dosing schedule with the idea that these mood swings are not fair or acceptable to either of you. Your husband COULD also see a therapist. To learning coping strategies, better emotional management. DBT skills would help possibly. Because he IS responsible for how he acts, TRT injections or not. But his mood swings are also real. So, coping strategies need to be in place for him to manage these moods. Some doctors will also prescribe medication for mental health along with it.

So find a calm time to talk and express your concerns. T may be decreasing his quality of life as it degrades his relationships. Doesn't mean he has to go off of it but his doctor needs to know it's an issue. And if exercise is one thing they tell him, at work might not be enough. Offer to exercise with him. Go for a walk in a hilly area, bike ride, or the gym. Or put on an exercise tape, get some hand weights at home. Go hiking. Swimming. Good for us all to exercise daily. So, encourage it as best you can.
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