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Teenager with weak erections

I am a 17 year old male who has noticed that I have had weaker erections lately. It basically happened all of a sudden, before I would masturbate with hard and strong erections but now they are weak and flabby. I'm very worried that something is wrong with me. I had a blood test like a month before I started noticing the erection problems and the results turned out to be fine except for some Iron and Vitamin D deficiency which I was prescribed pills for, maybe that could be the problem? It started happening around the same time as I took the pills but maybe it was just a coincidence. I would really appreciate any help because I am really worried, I am not sexually active and I only noticed it when I masturbate, Thanks!
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hi how often do you masturbate , try cutting down then you will get stronger erections , take care
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don't take pills for Vitamin D or iron.  take D-3 supplements up to 4000 iu a day and get some sun.  15 minutes a day with no shirt on will allow your body to make its own Vitamin D.  What meds were you on?
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