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Testicle discomfort related to muscle tightness?


Ill try to make this as specific as possible. About 5 days ago, I began to notice a discomfort in my testicles. At the time it just felt like my underwear (breifs) were riding up my leg. It presisted throughout the day but seemed to slightly relieve the discomfort when i pulled the breif short down to where they were supposed to be. A day later, I went for a run. During the run, it was extremely cold. I understand that when your testicles are cold they move closer to your core to keep them at a regulated temperature. Thats what they did. Although, the sensation of them moving up or the sroctum shriveling up, seemed to be more uncomfortable then usual. A little more background from me: I am 23 years old, I train up to 10 hours per week for triathlons (swimming, biking, running) so i am very active, I am sexually active with one female and I am healthy. The day I had that run is when this discomfort first began bothering me. The discomfort can be described as a very dull ache that is in both testicles but seems to be more in the right. The most interesting thing about it is that I have 100% relief of the discomfort when I put pressure on my right gluteus medius. When I put pressure on the glute med, for example with my fist. It feels extremely tight but also relieves the discomfort in my testicles. I've done my own assessement in the area and havent found any irregularities. No swelling, no deformities such as lumps or bumps, no discharge and no redness. Just starting yesterday, i did notice there was a slight pressure when i urinated around my penis. But no pain when urinating, no colour change, no smell. I am keeping hydrated and my urine has all been clear to light yellow. I am sitting here now with a dull ache in the testicles. Not sure at all of what this could be. Will be making a family physican appointment on Monday.

Any thoughts on my situations would be great. Thanks.

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Hello Nathan ill try my beat to answer your question. I too am active i work out about 5-6 days a week from cardio, weightlifting, amd leg press. About 3-4 years ago i was on a leg press machine and noticed a slight dull ache in my right testicle area paid it no mind since i did self examination and felt no lumps but i noticed my right testicle was smaller than the left. So fast forward to 2016 i felt my testicles again no lumps on the testicle itself but higher up on what i think they call the spermatic cord was a large lump. It felt weird like really lumpy not perfectly round like a testicle. Of course i got very scared and kept it to myself for awhile. My gf made us dr appointments cause she knows i hate going and at the time she still didnt know. I was massaging the lump daily and it got smaller by time our appointment came. I explained the doc and he told me drop my pants with no hesitation. I explained the dull ache. And he asked have i injured my testicle in any way. As i thought back i do remember hitting my testicles a few times in the past and present and also could've came from the leg press or running. He diagnosed it in the office as a hydrocele but still ordered a sonogram test. Which was ok. So if u feel no lumps on your testicle itself chances are 100% in your favor. Sorry for the long post. Im 26 now btw
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Rest. Ice. Compression shorts. Motrin. Do it for 2 weeks and lay off exercise. You may not get an answer for what it is but this handles all testicular problems that aren't torsion or epididymitis. U don't have either of those.
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