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Testicles cold to touch and no sensation

I have only one testicle (Right) left was undescended.

I had right testicle pain that increased gradually over a week. June 16 I woke up with severe pain in testicle. Pain start to reduce after drinking fluids. I went to sleep again. When I woke up after about 4 hours. There waa no pain. I loss sensation in testicle. It hurts when I slap them. But no pain when I squeezed them..Went to hospital same evening. Ultrasound was normal. They sheduled orchiopexy for my testicle at 29 June. I was thinking that they will remove it cause it's dead. But they didn't. They says the testicle was okay in surgery. I still don't have any sensations and I feel coldness when I touch them. What's going on?
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When I had my appendix removed, the skin around the incision was numb, entirely numb to the touch so I could not even really tell that I was touching my own skin. I asked the doctor about it and he said, "Oh, they probably cut a skin nerve. It's no big deal, it will heal in a year or two." (!) I would have thought (at that time) that something that wouldn't heal for a year or two *was* a big deal, but the doc really just shrugged it off. And guess what, it did heal in a year or two. The area of the skin that was numb slowly got smaller, and now it just feels normal. Maybe something similar is happening to you. Ask your doctor, for sure.
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I jad this sensation even before the surgery bro. And it's cool which makes me think it's dead. I 'm so pissed off.
Is it any better?  Seriously, it can get better.  I would be surprised they'd say it's 'not dead' if it were as I'm sure they would tell you if that was not the case.  Have you gone back to the doctor?
Yes. I had my ultrasound and doppler yesterday . Still blood flow is normal. If it's not the thing. I thing my testicle had stopped functioning . It's not contacting when I ejaculate.
So, they ruled out what you are most afraid of. A dead testicle.   Have you spoken to anyone ever about health anxiety/anxiety?  You had a procedure and being one hundred percent back to normal after so soon may be a high expectation verses the reality that it takes time.
What do you mean, not contacting?  Do you mean contracting?  I'm not sure what that means, either.  I don't look at that area when I ejaculate, but testicles are pretty weird to look at.  They move all the time.  Doesn't mean anything.  I'd get a second opinion if you haven't done so already, and if that comes out nothing's wrong, you need to go in a different direction.
I assume you do know that the scrotum and testicles are evolutionarily designed to hang low on purpose, to be several degrees cooler than the rest of the body? (That's for the preservation of sperm.) Every man's testicles are cooler than his body. If yours were as warm as the rest of your body, you would risk having a zero sperm count, but if yours it cold, that is good for sperm preservation.

One thing you could do is get a sperm test done. If your sperm count is normal, and since your blood flow was shown by the doppler and ultrasound to be normal, you might finally let yourself be reassured that your testicle is alive and doing its job.
I hope you guys could understandy situation . I'm just 20 and I never had sex before. And I only have my solitary testis. It just feels like a plastic ball for me. I think it doesn't make sperm or testosterone anymore. But it may be still alive. Any opinions ?
That's not how your body works.  Testosterone isn't made in your testicles.  Look, we're trying to help but we're not in your situation.  But what happened to you happened and can't unhappen, so you have to learn to live with it.  What you don't have to live with, what we're trying to get you to see, is worrying all the time when nothing may be wrong.  Worrying just makes people suffer twice, the bad thing and the worry.  Hanging onto the worry just makes your life worse and doesn't do anything to solve the problem.  I'm going to repeat, if you want confirmation and reassurance, get a second opinion for a different doc.  If the results are the same, move on.  If you can't, that's an anxiety problem, and that requires a whole other treatment plan.  I get your worry about this, we all worry when a bad health problem arises.  But at some point if you've gotten past the worst of it and come out the other side, you have to let go of the worry and get back to your life.  The only way I think you can do that is get reassurance that nothing is physically wrong with you now and if it's good news, move on.  You've got a lot of life to live, don't spend all of it on what happened yesterday.  Now, that's really easy to say and some are good at that and some are not,  I also get it that this involves your sexual organ, and that's a sensitive thing.  But again, if they fixed it as best as they could then you have to let go and get on with your life.  If you do that, you'll stop fixating on it and analyzing it constantly, which will just make you really unhappy.  I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'll be sorrier if you let this be the end of your enjoyment of life.  Peace.
Uh, I said something I didn't mean to say, that testosterone isn't made in the testicles.  It is.  But the process involves a lot of factors, some is made elsewhere, but I meant to say, if your docs say your testicle is working properly, you still have testosterone but you can get that tested for if you want to do that.  My bad, had a mental blackout for a moment there trying to reassure you.  Sorry.
If you genuinely think it "doesn't make sperm or testosterone any more," for Pete's sake, get a test of your testosterone level and of your sperm count. These tests are easy enough to get, and you will find out if these worries have any basis in fact. And then you can stop worrying.
I'm dying dude. I lost them.
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  You were diagnosed with testicular torsion for why they did the orchiopexy surgery? https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/treatments/17297-orchiopexy    Oh, I see. It was to descend one testicle. I'm surprised they didn't do that when you were young when it is more commonly done. It's important to let yourself heal after that surgery!  I would guess given some time, this will probably resolve.  Trauma, injury are two reasons for numbness.  I would guess that nerve compression is the likely culprit though. Nerve compression or damage. If your situation continues, see your doctor for follow up.  Not the ER per se but your regular doctor.
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Please reply. Dying of depression here.
No. My undescended teaticle was chronically atrophic. So they removed it at the surgery. Orchiopexy was done to my other testile to proect it. Orchiopexy was done to save it as they said. The surgeey was done after about 2 weeks I lost sensation and warmness. They sais it was not dead by the time of surgery. Why does it feel cold to touch? Can my testicle dead?
It's a little confusing. You had the cold, numb sensation prior to surgery? They are looking at things like blood flow to determine 'dead' I would guess and are saying it is there.  There is going to be a recovery time as any surgery is traumatic and trauma can cause your symptoms. Nerve compression or damage can as well. They've see the testicle first hand now and tell you that it is viable.  So, I would look to why you have the symptoms rather than trying to determine that part. You are working with a doctor. You need to go back and ask what to expect with the lack of sensation you are feeling. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/9126-testicular-disorders   That is a comprehensive article of everything and anything that could be happening to testicles in this world!  But from this vantage point, it is in your best interest to seek further evaluation and explanation.  Depression about this is understandable as it is a chronic health situation and you are not sure what the true situation is.  Going forward with your doctor will help you understand and address it. Depression is something to discuss with a doctor as well if it becomes overwhelming and you aren't functioning well.  I think as a young man, this is a pretty big deal to have a working testicle so I'd be aggressive to seek what is happening here.  You can readjust your life to whatever the end result is, I'm sure of it. But the not knowing is a lot to deal with.
Thank you for this great explanation. I wish you were my doctor. I wish my doctors understand me as you do.
Thank you dor your great comment bro. It's been a month after these coldness and numbness happened. Had a ultrasound and doppler yesterday . That was normal too. I have no idea what's going on. But my prostate hurts too.
I have to wonder about that.  How would you know it's your prostate that's hurting?  I'm someone who has had prostate surgery, and even that didn't make my prostate hurt.  Are you certain that's it, or is this more of just a location thing?  I wish I knew what was going on, but I really don't, but I'm just not sure how one would know if one's prostate was where pain was coming from.  Again, I've had one so bad I had to get surgery on it, and everything I feel from it is in my bladder, not my prostate.  That's me, anyway.
Actually it hurts in the left side of my anus. And my pelvic. And left side of penile shaft..all on the left side. But it's the right testicle that hurts.
I had my ultrasound and doppler yesterday and came back normal. But I have low libido and soft testicles. I don't know what's going on.
******  It came back normal ******  This is good news.  You have diagnosed yourself, decided you'll lose both testicles, etc.  This, to be perfectly honest, sounds like it is anxiety related at this point.  Have you considered approaching it in this regard?  Doctors aren't lying to you that things seem normal, that your testicle isn't 'dead', etc.  Low libido can be caused by different things.  Including stress/anxiety.  
Again, I have no clue what's going on, but the area you're describing is not I think related to your prostate.  It sounds like, if I were hearing it without having read all the rest of your story, like a hip or periformis problem.
Well. My urologist doesn't listen to me.He just cheked me with ultrasound . And they closed my story. However I read a article on internet that torsion detorsion reperfusion injury can cause cells die quickly and cause a big damage more than caused by torsion. My doctor even didn't want me to a get a semen analysis done anymore .
As I think I've said, if you don't like your doctors, see other doctors.  Surgeons in general don't like talking to patients.  It's not nice, but it's true, they became surgeons to do surgery, if they wanted to spend all day talking to patients they would have become GPs.  It's a common complaint that even doctors make about surgeons.  But the bottom line is, either you believe your doctor, or you get a different doctor and start all over again, and if that doctor confirms what this doc is telling you, at some point you will have to move on.  I hope it all works out for you.  
As I said, I got both tests done..I can never father a child. And my testosterone levels are 15.... My testicle is not dead, it was torsion and detorsed on it's own causing reperfusion injury. My testicle is not dead, but it's not producing testosterone and sperm anymore.
Hi, I didn't see that you said you got both tests done. And the idea that it is torsion and detorsed on its own, is that from your doctor, or is it something you determined yourself?
Actually it's not from my doctor. I channeled another urologist . He told me that. And told me there's nothing we can do.
Does 'channeled' mean you actually went in and discussed the situation with a doctor and got those tests done? And he or she has confirmed your self diagnosis of torsion and detorsion?
If these problems are as you describe (and you've been kind of opaque -- are you saying your sperm count has been tested and come up as zero?), it's kind of hard to understand why you haven't found a new doctor that will take an interest in your diagnosis. Guys can get testosterone therapy,  for example. And even guys with a low sperm count can freeze what they have so they can hope to have kids later.

Please keep in mind when reading about symptoms that while the Internet is full of information, it's equally full of b.s. that just fuels anxiety. If torsion/detorsion is your own diagnosis, and a reputable doctor has not yet confirmed it by tests and watching you over time to be sure is happening, you need a better doctor. You need one who will do all the necessary tests (there are a lot of them -- for a list, see https://www.urologyhealth.org/urology-a-z/l/low-testosterone), not a doctor who will just shrug about your worries.  Once a good doctor gives you a legitimate diagnosis, he or she will also be able to give you a clear direction for treatment.

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