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Testicles shrunken for no particular reason? (among other symptoms)

Symptom 1: In the title.

Symptom 2: Erectile dysfunction (can get a kind of skinny half-erection if I rub it).

Symptom 3: Little to no semen (can squeeze a tiny bit of what's basically water out if you count that).

Symptom 4: I poop more than I feel like I should and I'm often gassy.

Symptom 5: Testicle... pain? itch? (hard to describe).

Symptom 6: Sometimes I randomly get lucky and get my potency comes back but not even close to full force like it used to be.

Symptom 7: I sweat too much, especially from the slightest bit of heat.

Symptom 8: Body temperature doesn't seem entirely right.

A while back I had a UTI I couldn't get rid of for the life of me and have used a ton of doxycycline hyclate for it, and finally for the last time Macrobid (2 for 14 days course) for whatever that's worth, the UTI is gone now though, WE ALL THINK.
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When you were diagnosed with the UTI, how was that done? With the subsequent treatments, how were you diagnosed with still having it? Did the do a urine test every single time? Did they find bacteria every time?

I wonder if you're having a prostate issue or low testosterone, or maybe even a thyroid issue, or any combination of those.

Doxy isn't a great antibiotic for a UTI, unless they did a sensitivity test and found that your bacteria was sensitive to that. Macrobid is a better one.

I think I'd start with an ultrasound of your prostate and testicles, a full urine culture (if that hasn't been done), and a hormone level test.

At 17, erectile issues should be taken really seriously because they can indicate some serious issues, including heart problems. Don't hesitate to tell your doctor about that. Push to get that figured out.

Let us know what happens.
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I've been going to the same urologist getting tested for a while and the last 2 times they said I was clear, not sure if it was a "full urine culture" specifically or not though, I've had a cystoscopy and that was fine, I have a endocrinologist appointment already but it's not until November 10th (real convenient, not), I should probably get tested for diabetes too I reckon.
Oh good, so you're under the care of a urologist already. My guess is they've done all the urine tests.

Does your urologist know about the ED issues?

An endocrinologist will be able to address any concerns you have about diabetes, which is a good thought. It's one of the possibilities I was thinking of when I mentioned "serious issues". That can also cause erectile dysfunction as well.

With the endocrinologist, call and ask if they have a cancellation list. This is a list that some docs keep so they can fill appointments as people cancel them. If someone cancels, they call people on this list. If they have one, get on it. Sometimes you don't get a lot of notice before you the appt, sometimes you do. It doesn't always work to get you in faster, but sometimes it does. It never hurts to try.

"Does your urologist know about the ED issues?" No, one of these days I'ma have to go back by myself because I definitely don't want my parents to hear that lol.

"With the endocrinologist, call and ask if they have a cancellation list" Okie-dokie.
I don't want to hurt your brain, but your parents know about erections. If they didn't, you wouldn't be here lol.

I'm sure you don't want them to know about YOUR erections (and I'm sure everyone would be happier not talking about the details), but this is a really important symptom that your doc should know about. Maybe you can tell your dad alone? Or your mom? Whoever you feel more comfortable with? Can you access your doctor's patient portal and send your doctor an email?

Depending on where you live, your parents may find out anyway (different places have different rules about minors getting "reproductive health care"), and they will surely get the bills and insurance info, but if this ends up being an indicator of a more serious health condition, they're going to find out anyway. If it is more serious, it will be worth the really awkward "I was having erection problems" conversation. They'll just be happy you addressed it. :)
"I don't want to hurt your brain, but your parents know about erections. If they didn't, you wouldn't be here lol." That's true.

Well, this is something I'm sure I could talk to dad about without him laughing/being confused due to not being relate like mom probably would.

But honestly talking to these people about any health problems is pretty much futile, they think as long as you drink water and sleep you'll be fine and act like I'm crazy and physical ailments don't exist (meanwhile my sister is taken VERY seriously).

And they're honestly kinda lazy and don't wanna do doctors appointments and think just because nobodies figuring anything out nothing's wrong (keep in mind all options aren't even exhausted yet, I'm not just insane), I might as well put this all to rest until I'm 18 to be honest, at this point I just hope I get "lucky" at the endocrinologist.

Dad already has me on the cancellation list.
I'm sorry this is happening. I can totally relate to a sibling being treated differently. I'm a lot older than you, and at least for me, that hasn't changed yet. I don't mind now - I take care of me. It was a lot different when I was 17, though.

While sleep and water intake are important, and you should be getting plenty of both lol, that's probably not causing these issues.

Do you turn 18 before the endo appt? That would be helpful because you could probably talk to the doctor alone with no fuss.

In the meantime, just pay attention for any heart issues - irregular heart beats, fast or slow heart beats, unusual fatigue, dizziness, chest pain or tightness. Diabetes symptoms are excessive thirst, being hungrier than normal, fatigue, dry mouth and skin, peeing more than normal, and blurred vision.

Just take care of you.  
"Do you turn 18 before the endo appt? That would be helpful because you could probably talk to the doctor alone with no fuss." No.
Well, that's too bad. I hope the doctor will ask to talk to you alone, given that you are 17.
I hope so too.
I just did a checkup at the general physician and my urine test is clear, last time I did bloodwork no diabetes or anything showed up, they didn't say anything about hormones so that's probably good.

Since yesterday (technically before then) I've had numb/tingly type feelings in my limbs and right now as I type this it's in my back, should I just go to the emergency room at this point? this is beyond silly, somebody should be able to figure SOMETHING out.
Well, they may not have tested for hormones.

How bad are the tingles, like on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being you can't feel your limbs/back? I'd say that if it's 5 or 6 or higher, you might want to go to the ER. If it gets worse, or spreads, definitely go. This may be a pinched nerve, and not related, but if it's severe, it's worth getting checked out even if it isn't related. If it's not that severe, call your doctor tomorrow if it's after hours now where you are, or now, if it's not.
"Well, they may not have tested for hormones." True

The tingles are maybe about a 3-5? doesn't feel like my limbs are separated from my body or anything but the tingles are definitely noticeable.
Also, something I didn't point out earlier, the whole time I had my UTI (???) my testicles hurt, extremely sharp pains after ejaculation included, and I'm wondering if maybe I suffered possibly permanent damage? which is what I was afraid of but it's not like I could do anything to prevent it anyway.

I know the ultrasound would determine that but I wanna get your opinion.
Are they sure you had a UTI? How did they diagnose that? Did your doctor know that?

I don't think you've suffered permanent damage, but I do wonder if something else is going on that has been missed. I know you don't want to tell your parents any of this, but listen - part of being an adult is advocating for yourself. You are letting yourself suffer by keeping these things quiet, and you need to tell them. I don't know your parents, and there may be moments of "oh my baby is masturbating" or "my baby is growing up", or shock, or whatever, but you need medical care, and this is important.

I don't know if it's a prostate or testicle thing, or a hormone thing, but you need to tell a doctor. You're almost 18, and you're parents can't be that shocked that you're masturbating, or experience feeling in your testicles. You mentioned something earlier about them not taking this seriously (while taking your sister very seriously), but tell them anyway. At the next appt, when you tell the doctor, they won't be surprised, and the doctor will likely ask them to leave to do an exam, and then you can tell the doctor everything you need to. I can't imagine having your mom in there for an exam at 17.

If the doctor isn't finding anything, it might be, in part, because they don't have the full info. That's understandable, but make sure they have all the info.

Also, start asking what tests they are doing, what they mean, and why they are doing them. It's good to understand what is happening, and you'll have to do it for yourself as an adult, and you can learn now. It's obvious you're intelligent, so you can do this. Ask all your questions, and make sure they are answered. :)

I definitely think you need an ultrasound. How is the tingling today?

"Are they sure you had a UTI? How did they diagnose that? Did your doctor know that?" Yes, the urologist diagnosed it.

"How is the tingling today?" Not too bad it just started back up in my left leg though.
I'm sorry - I wasn't clear at all. When I asked, "Does the doctor know that?", I meant where you said, "the whole time I had my UTI (???) my testicles hurt, extremely sharp pains after ejaculation included". (I really didn't make that clear at all.)

No, I didn't tell him that part actually, but it probably would've been a good idea, my folks are going out of town monday, so I'm just gonna sneak to urgent care.

Screw it, maybe they'll find something the other doctors wouldn't/couldn't, I mean my general physician could never even find the UTI but the urologist found it first try.
Can you go to your urologist without your parents being there? It would be good to go to a doctor familiar with your history, and just fill him in on all the details you haven't been able to tell him before because your parents were there. If you can't, try the urgent care, and don't leave anything out.

Let me know what happens. :)
I was real close that time but didn't have my health insurance card with me and had to just go back home, everyone claims it's "GroWiNG PainS".

But I dunno, I feel like I'm the first person on earth to ever get close to 18 and literally-er-practically-literally just turn inside-out, and honestly, all this mess didn't JUST start either so there's that.

Oh well, I knew SOMETHING would ruin my plan, I'll update after my November 10th  endocrinologist appointment probably, aside from that, I'm pretty sure this is the end of the story, let's see if they tell me it's "GroWiNG PainS" too, see ya.
I'm so sorry.

If it helps, this is not normal growing pains, from what you describe.

Before your endo appt, make a list of all your symptoms, leave nothing out, and just hand it to the doctor. Maybe at the top of the list, write that you'd like to talk to the doctor without your mom present.

Good luck!
Ok so I took a 10 MG escitalopram and now everything seems normal, except my testicle size which is still kinda all over the place, and as far as I can tell they're still not really "doing anything" (if you get my drift), I think fish oil and probiotics used to help too, any explanation for that?
You took one pill, one time, and things are better?

Escitalopram is Lexapro, an antidepressant, in the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Taking one shouldn't do a single thing, as it takes time for those to work. Maybe I misunderstood? If you are taking them daily, and it's helping, it could be a brain chemistry thing causing it, or depression that was causing it.

There was a study done that had some good results with fish oil and omega-3s in boosting testicle size, and in turn, sperm count and testosterone levels, but it needs to be replicated before it's determined that it's actually a thing - https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2020/01/22/Expert-reaction-to-study-linking-omega-3-to-testicle-size-and-semen-quality#

There was a study done on mice that showed that those given Lactobacillus reuteri in their drinking water had larger testes than those who weren't, but that's the most I could find on probiotics and testicles. I don't know that I'd put a lot of stock in that, but probiotics aren't going to hurt you, and Lactobacillus can help a lot of things.

Be very, very careful about taking Lexapro if it isn't prescribed to you. Lexapro in teens has been known to cause erratic, suicidal behaviors, and needs to be monitored very carefully.
"You took one pill, one time, and things are better?" Honestly? I take that back, I think it's just me not being able to feel the usual pain because of the pill, aside from that I don't feel all that different this time, it's just another random thing that happens when it wants to/coincidence.
I take them almost daily, but some days I feel decent and can skip.
Ohhh okay.

So I'm going to tell you stuff about Lexapro, but I need to tell you something first, and I need you to hear it first:

**THIS IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT: Before you get an urge to stop taking it, talk to your doctor. Most SSRIs have to be weaned off (tapered, decrease the dose slowly) so you don't cause neurological damage. Don't just stop it on your own. Stopping it without tapering could cause serious, lifelong issues.

So listen, Lexapro isn't something that you take on days you feel a certain way. It's not a short acting medication, like aspirin. It's a medication that you need to take daily. It builds up and stays in your body at what's called therapeutic levels, and to make it stay at those levels, you need to take it every day. On the days you feel good, it might be because you have reached therapeutic levels.

It hurts my heart that you don't have the full education on the meds you are taking.

Also, SSRIs, which is what Lexapro is, can cause erectile dysfunction. Did that start after you started taking it? SSRIs have loads of sexual side effects. So again:

**THIS IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT: Before you get an urge to stop taking it, talk to your doctor. Most SSRIs have to be weaned off (tapered, decrease the dose slowly) so you don't cause neurological damage. Don't just stop it on your own. You also want to make sure that it's the Lexapro causing it and not something else before stopping the Lexapro. Stopping it without tapering could cause serious, lifelong issues.
"It hurts my heart that you don't have the full education on the meds you are taking." Yeah me too but I'm not surprised, this is another monster mom and dad probably created on purpose, and of course now it's "tHIs is WhY yOu nEEd tHAt meDICine, yOU're stUCK on mEDical stUFf" I was stupid for trying, at this point I need to just call the damn police, even if it doesn't work.

I wouldn't dare do it right in front of them but when I get the chance I probably will.
Obviously, I don't know what your parents' intent is. I don't know them. If you ever feel unsafe, I hope you have a trusted adult you can talk to - a teacher, a school counselor, a friend's parent, or yes, the police.

You aren't stupid for trying. You said you have days where you feel good. That's a great thing. If Lexapro isn't the med for you, there is one that will be. Finding the right med often takes a lot of trial and error. Just talk to your doctors and let them know what's happening.
Ok, so according to the endocrinologist "eVERYthing's fINe" how original/go figure but based on my research I'm not convinced (all they did was the regular blood work hormone test anyway for one).

I'm on day 4 of quitting Lexapro cold turkey (had no choice of course, nobody EVER takes me serious) and luckily I'm doing ok so far I actually feel better than ever, the Lexapro was the problem all along (withdrawal included which seemed way worse when I wasn't consistent) thanks for all your help, I think I've got it from here, if not you'll know trust me lol.
Okay, take good care of yourself, and we're here if you ever need us. Best of luck to you.
Ok turns out I have post SSRI-sexual dysfunction which is nigh-incurable (once again go figure just my luck), there's a few different "cures" people recommend such as Maca, St John's Wort (apparently a not too small but also not too big amount of hyperforin in it is best) etc.

What do you recommend? if anything, I'm not interested in anything that requires a prescription because I'm me for starters, so probably not happening at all.
Also turns out I can't really change my username to reflect my recent birthday, woops.
You can get your username changed by writing to the moderators using Contact Us. If you go to your profile page - https://www.medhelp.org/personal_pages/user/20901831 - then go to the bottom of that page, you should see Contact Us. If you're on a computer, you can also click on About Us at the top of every screen, then scroll to the bottom of that page for Contact Us or Help - that will take you to the same page for help.

You are young, and haven't ruled out all physical causes yet. Your doctor doesn't know about this yet, if I'm correct, or did a doctor diagnose you with this?

I'm not recommending you try anything until you have ruled out all physical causes. All of those things have side effects - I mean, aspirin has side effects - and what if what you have is something like low testosterone or a heart issue? If you have a heart issue, and take some of those things, it could cause serious issues.

Maca isn't good for people with thyroid issues, for example, St John's Wort has all kinds of possible side effects - trouble sleeping, vivid dreams, difficulty sitting still, nervousness, irritability, stomach upset, tiredness, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, skin rash, diarrhea, and skin tingling. (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-329/st-johns-wort) Some sites list vomiting as a possible side effect, too.

If you use it and have depression, it might bring on mania.

If you have a physical cause, none of this stuff will help, and you'll end up more discouraged. You could have a thyroid issue causing ALL, or a large portion, of your symptoms, and maca could cause serious harm.

I can't recommend any of this to you. You're 18. You have your whole life ahead of you, and you don't know what's causing this unless you go get some testing done. I understand you don't want to tell your parents you can't get erections. I understand there is probably a lot more than what you've shared here, and that's fine. My only concern is that at your age, this could indicate a serious health issue which needs to be addressed.
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