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Testicular pain months after surgery

Hello all,

Nine weeks ago, I began experience extreme pain in my left testicle and went to the emergency room. After some hours in the er, I was airlifted to the nearest surgical hospital and operated on. Long story short, they preformed an orchiectomy (removal) of my left testicle as it was no longer viable, and also orchiopexy of my right testicle, which is where the testicle is tacked down to the scrotum to prevent torsion.

A few weeks ago, I began experiencing significant pain in my right testicle and made another trip to the er. I was told that I most likely had epididymitis, was given antibiotics and pain meds and sent home. Today, I began experiencing significant pain that is further aggravated with activity. Obviously this isn't torsion.. should I consider making yet another trip to the er? What could be causing such pain?

I can't really afford a trip to the urologist at the moment but I'm tired of hurting.
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Is the testicle swollen? Does it hurt to urinate? If you touch it does the pain feel like it's on the upper or lower end of the scrotum. My uncle had similar problems and he was diagnosed with a groin hernia. You should look into testicular cancer or cysts. I'm no expert so take my advice with a grain of salt.
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