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Testicular pain

A little background.  I had a vasectomy in 2014.  A few months after that procedure, a cyst was found in my testicles (benign) and subsequently removed.  Since then, I have experienced severe testicular pain that comes and goes.  I had ultrasounds which essentially showed nothing and I've had two spermatic cord nerve blocks which don't help. A month or so ago, I passed a kidney stone.  I have passed 4 over the past 10 years (all have been small enough to pass on their own) and a recent CAT scan shows I have 3 or 4 more small stones in the kidney.  Last week I went from a 0 pain level up to a 8 or 9 all of a sudden in the right testicle.  My right testicle swelled up and I ended up on my back with an ice pack the rest of the night.  I take Aleve every 12 hours to try to keep inflammation down but that only does so much.  I go back to the urologist tomorrow to talk about the recent recurrence of pain.  What other options should I expect the doctor to recommend?  I'm getting so tired of always being in constant pain to the touch and the throbbing is really not fun.  
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