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Testosterone Enhancement

I am a 32 year old male.  I recently had blood work done and my testosterone came back at around 550 ng/dl.  I realize this is a "normal" range, but certainly not optimum for my age. I am fairly lethargic and have mood swings.  I was considering supplementing with pregnenolone and/or DHEA.  Would this be a good strategy?  Thanks in advance.
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    Your problem may not be related to T level, there is a general tendency among men to blame T level for all their health issues, where as all that they need to do is to  concentrate on their diet and regular exercise. To me your T number looks really good.In spite of good diet and exercise, if you are still worried about hormones, look at your estrogen level, thyroid, adrenal and prolactin levels. If they are good, do a general health check up by a physician  and find out if you have any other health issues. Often increasing the T level, where it is not necessary, may lead to more health problems than without it.

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the good old DHEA, but you better read up about it first as it can have some funny side effects with the odd person, you could also back it up with some Tirbulus, will do the same thing but without any side effects, they will both boost your testosterone, your libido and your energy levels, you can google Tribulus for any more info.
Good Luck
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