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Testosterone Treatment Increase Emotional Problems?

When I met my husband 11 years ago he had been diagnosed with hypogonadism. He had all the classic symptoms including sexual issues and enlarged breasts. He has been treated by different things over the course of our marriage. The finally found a drug that reduced the size of the tumor creating prolactin. Now after 10+ years he has been declared "normal" in his testosterone level. He was told it is now 240. this is the highest it has ever been in his life.

2 months later, my husband seems to be on an emotional conquest. He is suddenly very angry.  Out of nowhere he said he wasn't sure he wanted to be married anymore in reaction to a fight we typically have. I made a marriage counseling appointment as we had agreed to try counseling before we ended our marriage.  The more I talked about the issues (trust, boundaries, etc) the angrier he got.  

My last two weeks have been like this from him:

Sunday: Not sure I want to be married anymore but we can probably fix it if you fix things.
Monday: Not sure I want to be married and even if you try that might not work
Tuesday: I love you but I don't know if it's enough
Next Monday: I love you before counseling.  Came out of counseling and now he LOVES me but isn't in love with me. He's leaving me and giving up on counseling after one session.
Friday - after 4 days of no contact. Comes home to talk about the bills. tells me he no longer loves me but just cares about me alot. We'll always be best friends though. We'll be roommates till one of us can move out.
Sunday - I confront him about calling another girl after he left me. He becomes angry. Says we can't be friends now either and moves back out.

I'm not saying we don't have marrital problems because we DO. But this reaction in such a small amount of time makes me wonder if it is connected to the increase in testosterone he is having. He's usually NOT impulsive, loyal, dependable, keeps his word.

Thoughts please!
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It may be the testosterone. Can you get in to see his Dr to talk about what your husband is going through? Only you seeing the Dr and not your husband.
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Its his testosterone levels, if hes never had them that high, then his body has known how to cope with it, so this were his anger and his changed mind has coms from.
You could get his DHEA levels checked, this could also give him anger as a side effect.
Good Luck
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thank you for the response. I wish I could do more, but he won't come home. :(
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